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Event announcement




It’s raining again in Mumbai as if there is no tomorrow. But little does the rain know that it can not dampen the spirits of Class of 76. True the action on ground may appear to be a bit slow to those of you who are far removed from the action, but pray be sure Reunion has been occupying the top spot in the collective thoughts of the Or –Com.


Satish, Dipak and yours truly visited three resorts in the vicinity of Mumbai to check the rates and facilities offer3ed by them for our grand event and zeroed upon our choice. What followed was a  period where we tried  to convince them how affiliation with IIT was going to improve their image probably putting them in the “100 Most Desired Reunion Destinations” list of Forbes magazine and how they should soon have to plan for expanding their infrastructure at the resort etc etc. The ploy obviously seems to have worked and finally after a long and arduous bout of negotiations, Dipak has managed to clinch a deal that will really make this wait worthwhile. The Panoramic Resort near Karnala Bird Sanctuary has offered us a great deal. In the Christmas week where the normal rates are expected to be something like 7k - 8k per person per day , Dipak has managed a comprehensive deal for 5k per person on a twin sharing basis, all inclusive for TWO DAYS !!! Trust a Gujju to wrangle a deal like that. And just to ensure that the Panoramic guys don’t regain their senses and come back crying foul,  Dipak even wrote them a personal cheque as advance and sealed the deal



With this resort deal in the bag, we are in a position to plan a grand reunion ; a nice resort with a water –park attached for those of us who still retain the youthful zest and frolic, nature-walks for the eco-conscious and bird-watch (strictly the winged variety) for the …. well the bird-watchers and exhilarating company of your buddies. What more can one ask for? 


 Having a get-together out of the campus also means the restrictions which would “dry” our enjoyment are non-existent and the Class of 76 can look forward to achieving the “highs” that we know all of us are capable of.


DATE & Time



28th December, Wednesday


5 PM onwards


Guest House Check in


Van Vihar Guest House (GH)

Prior registration must for Accommodation in (GH)


5 – 6 PM


Registration, Chai and Gupshup


Gulmohar Banquet Hall

8-10 PM


Gulmohar Banquet Hall


“Dry Dinner”


29th December, Thursday


9-10.30 AM


Morning Walk, Lake side/hillside/Campus Tour



Guided tour to see new additions on campus


11.00 – 12.30 AM


Interactions with IIT bigwigs



Wither IIT: crystal Gazing


12.30 – 2.00 PM


Lunch with IIT bigwigs


Gulmohar Banquet Hall


Discussions continue over Buffet Lunch


2.00 -4.00 PM


Free Time


Van Vihar Guest House (GH)


4.00 – 5.00 PM


Chai and Gupshup


Gulmohar Banquet Hall


5.00 – 7.00 PM


Joy-Ride to Panoramic Resorts


Special Bus for guests to sing their way to Panoramic resorts


7.00 – 8.00 PM



Panoramic Resorts Karnala


8.00 PM onwards


Gala Dinner



Music with DJ, Barbecue and the right kind of stuff to quench your thirst


30th December, Friday


Up to 10.00 PM



Dining Room


Something to counter the hang-over


10.00 AM – 1.00 PM


Serious Stuff


Conference Room


Heart of the Matter or Matter of Heart, Depends on your view-point


1.00 -2.00 PM



Dining Room


Quick something to freshen the mind burdened with heavy thoughts


2.00 – 4.00 PM


Siesta time/Games


Everybody to himself/herself

4.00 – 5.00 PM


Tea & Snacks


Dining Room


5.00 – 8.00 PM


Time pass/Cricket/Games


Anywhere on the resort premises


8.00 PM onwards



More of the good stuff


31st December, Saturday


7.00 – 10.00 AM


Nature walk



Lazy guys an sit and gas about anything that takes their fancy


10.00 – 11.00 AM



Dining Room


11.00 – 11.59 AM



Leave for IIT or home in bus to celebrate New Years Eve with friends and family



All this sounds good to you ?


I  sure hope so .


Now comes the better part.


All this packaged fun and frolic, complete with spiritual upliftment in proper setting , if one were to charge the value it provides, would have cost a bomb. But with adroit project management and leveraging the expertise gained by the Alumni Association, it has been possible to contain the costs within Rs 10,000 per person for the alumni.


As a conscious attempt to encourage involvement of the spouses and other family members, we have decided to charge the accompanying members only the marginal costs (mainly the resort cost which is strictly on a per person basis).

We also decided that the Early Birds (who help us plan the event better) should get an advantage and we are offering a 20%discount, just so that the undecided among us  get a nudge in the right direction.


Now the best part :


As an added incentive the Or-Com is also planning to bring out a Memento commemorating the Reunion, a little something which will occupy a pride of place on your mantle-piece or desk, a gentle reminder to all and sundry about the Brand ambassadorship you carry and to remind you about that whale of a time you have had during your stay on campus in 70’s and then again at these reunions (2001 and 2011). . This will be provided free to all those who register and attend but will be a charged item for those who don’t.


Just so that the better halves don’t feel left out, those better halves who attend the Reunion can also look forward to something extra which we hope they will cherish for a long time. (After all enduring one IITian might  just about be ok but tolerating 80 – 100 of them for 3-4 days definitely needs some compensation!!!)


So here it is :




Rs 10,000 or US$ 250 : For Alumnus


Rs 6,000 or US$ 150 : For Each of the accompanying family member/s


Early Bird Discount : 20% (For the Alumni only)**


**Available to all those who complete the Registration process by July 31st 2011.


(*  FYI this charge for accompanying  family members  is actually below costs incurred per person ; so those of you who believe in paisa-vasool  and have built families like the  Osama’s  – ie 4 wives and 28 children - can actually blow up the  Jade Reunion  Or Coms’ budget  to smithereens by bringing multiple spouses and children if any)


The registration fee also includes one night stay at Guest- House on 28th Dec. (For out-station alumni who are life members of IITBAA) *


*( conditions apply; check the fine print)

The registration charge also includes Guest – House Charges for the night of 28th Dec. You would be aware that we have got about 20 rooms allotted and the balance 30 are on a wait –list and we hope that these get released for us once the allotted rooms are actually taken up. It is another incentive for the Early Birds ; the rooms will be allotted strictly on first-come-first-served basis. The cost of on-campus Guest-House accommodation will be included in the Registration Fees. In case of alumnus registering after the available quota of rooms is exhausted, AA will make all efforts to get suitable accommodation outside campus for all those registering for the event, the additional cost for such lodgings and other incidental expenses will have to be borne by individual alumnus.


Shirish Potnis aka Potty

For and on behalf of Or-Com,

Jade Reunion , Class of 76, Dec 2011






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