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Upcoming Fresher's Welcome Meet 2016



IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter is organising a gala event on Sun, 4th December 2016 for alumni networking and extending a warm welcome to 'Freshers', the 2016 pass-outs who have chosen Hyderabad as their career destination. To match the majestic occasion, the event is hosted at Hyderabad Golf club, with its lush green surroundings and located in a historic setting in and around Golconda Fort and Qutb Shahi Tombs. So, apart from nostalgic catch-up, making new friends, refreshing fun n frolic and a sumptuous lunch, the golf enthusiasts and wannabes can try their hand at Golf along with spouse and kids at this fantastic venue.

Please mark your calendar on Sun, 4th Dec so as not to miss this grand opportunity. Stay tuned for more details of the event along with registration link that will be sent out soon.



Details of Event - Freshers Welcome & Family Lunch Get together:

Date & Time: Sunday 4th Dec 2016, 11am (for Golfing enthusiasts, 9:30am)

Venue : Dining Hall, Hyderabad Golfing Club, 7 Tombs Road, Golkonda.

Location Map: Link 

Dress Code: Smart Casuals (Tee should be collared); No shorts (knee level); Shoes or Strapped Sandals, No Slippers/Hawaii chappals.

Fees: Rs. 600/ per head, Bar services available at 'Buy Your Own Drink' basis. Optional Golfing services at extra charge as per Club Tariff.


Moulali Hike - 26th June, 2016



Hyderabad Chapter organised its first event of the year, a monsoon Hike, just like from the campus days, to a popular location within the city - the gigantic monolith Moulali Hil. 

In the early morning of Sunday, 26th Jun an enthusiastic group of alumni and family members assembled at landmark Kamaan looking forward to the rocky adventure in store. It had rained heavily the previous night, kicking-in the monsoon, and the weather was pleasantly cool. The excursion was more like a get together in a open, natural environ where we could meet old friends and make new ones. As we moved up, down & around the rocky hill the old bond of Alma Mater was rekindled. However, the true 'Rock Stars' were the kids who moved around with felicity and were thrilled by the adventurous hike. 


Kudos to Deepam Morparia for organising the wonderful event!



Click here<> for more pictures.



Another village gets clean drinking water plant


Burgula in Mahabubnagar Dist of Telangana is the native village of the first Chief Minister of Hyderabad state, Burgula Ramakrishna Rao. The bore water the 5000 strong villagers drink contains high fluoride, dissolved solids and pathogens.

In association with Pragati Foundation a 2000 lt/hr RO plant was set up, inaugurated and dedicated to the village on 31.1.15.


The waste water from the plant is pumped to the adjacent Govt primary and high schools for use in toilets and now the hitherto unused washrooms of the school are functioning.


As reported by Madhu Reddy, Hyderabad chapter




Inauguration of Clean Drinking Water Plant 



Dear all,

The Clean Drinking Water Plant was inaugurated at Dupally on Sat 4th. The 2000 lt per hour plant went on stream to provide drinking water to 10,000 villagers. As they started collecting water and tasted it an elderly village head who suffers from the effects of fluoride hugged me and wept. That is the impact, your contribution can make to them. Here are some pics.

Madhu Reddy








Clean Drinking Water Project - Invitation for Inauguration

Request for Donation

Dear IITB Alum,

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that after two highly successful launches of drinking water plants in villages at Medak district, we'll be inaugurating the third water plant at Eradindi village in Karimnagar district on Saturday, January 3, 2015. We would like to invite you for the function. As the location is about 3 hrs drive from Hyderabad, the plan is to start at 8 am and return by 5 pm. Lunch will be hosted by the volunteers from the village.Some pictures of past launches are attached. 


The villagers led by Mr.J.B.Rao (relative of one of IITB alumnus) have contributed Rs.1,20,000 to the project which is being used towards civil works and equipment. Out of the total project cost of Rs.3,65,000, Mr.Ron Mehta (IITB, 1970, Greater New York Chapter) has committed Rs.1,20,000 for each of the next 5 projects. Hence, we need to collect a sum of Rs.1,25,000 to meet the shortfall and make the project successful. We request you to donate any sum which seems reasonable to you. One of the key reasons behind the success of past projects was active involvement by the alumni who donated close to to Rs.2,50,000 which has positively impacted the lives of around 2000 people.  


To make the donation, you can visit All donations will be income tax exempt. It would be great if you can drop a line to me once you've made the donation.


If you wish to join for the inauguration, please RSVP to me by December 25, 2014. 


We look forward to your support in our attempt to make clean and safe drinking water accessible to communities near us.  

Thanks and regards,
Gaurav Porwal,
President, Hyderabad Chapter





Summary of the First Meeting of the New EC, Hyderabad Chapter - May 10, 2014



Dear All,

The first meeting of the new EC was organized at Jubilee Hills International Center on Saturday, May 10 over drinks and snacks. We had a good quorum with 6 out of 9 EC members present. The attendees were Madhu Reddy, Deepam Morparia, Rahul Chaubey, Paavan Choudary, Rinku Parmar, Siddhartha Srivastava, AK Rao, and Gaurav Porwal.
The first item on the agenda was to elect the office bearers from the new team. The members present unanimously elected the following for various positions:
President - Gaurav Porwal
Secretary - Paavan Choudary
Jt. Secretary - Siddhartha Srivastava
Treasurer - Firoze Bhote
As far as organizing the various events during the year, it was decided that there will be two flagship events for the chapter. First would be the Freshers Welcome event which would be organized in Aug-Sep time frame and the other would be a Mega Annual event during Nov-Dec. It was also discussed that to increase participation of freshers in the welcome event, they should not be charged any fee so that they really feel welcome during their first chapter event. Around Rs.15,000 would be required from IITBAA to subsidize the freshers. Hopefully this will encourage the freshers to attend in large numbers, interact with the local alumni, build some informal networks, and then contribute to activities in the future. The chapter also plans to have regular informal events for special interest groups like hiking, kayaking, etc. to involve those alumni who are generally not interested in regular events. 
Clean Drinking Water Project, one of the most successful efforts of the Hyderabad chapter, was also discussed in some detail. Although the project has made some great progress under the leadership of Madhu Reddy and generous donations by alumni such as Ron Mehta, there's a clear need for more alumni to contribute in various ways to take it forward. The future plan is to invite donations from alumni/corporates and also to rejuvenate the efforts through the existing volunteers. Madhu Reddy is in US over the next month to meet alumni there for increasing awareness about the project and arrange more funds through donations if possible. 
I hope I've covered everything important that was discussed in the meeting. The attendees are requested to send in their inputs in case I missed something. 





Setting up clean water units: A pilot venture by Hyderabad chapter
































Setting up clean water units: A pilot venture by Hyderabad chapter




On Sunday - April 14, a volunteer team comprising of Madhu, Govardhan, Vishwanath, Satyanarayana, and Gaurav, visited the village of Haveli Ghanpur in Medak District to explore the possibility of setting up a drinking water plant there. The village is approximately 125 kms from Hyderabad and is the native place of Govardhan who was our host for the trip. 


The team started from Hyderabad at 7 am and stopped mid-way for a light breakfast and coffee break - courtesy Madhu's wife Sunita. By 9:30 am we were at the village where we were greeted by Govardhan's father who was kind enough to arrange a traditional breakfast for us which packed enough punch to keep us away from food until dinner time!


With our tummies smiling wide, we surveyed a couple of locations where bore-well water is available and which can be potential sites for the water plant. Samples from all these locations were collected which will be tested soon to figure out whether the water quality mandates installation of a plant. We were also taken to Govardhan's beautiful ancestral home which was more than 100 yrs old but with a design that made modern buildings look obsolete through its wonderful architecture & ventilation. A short trip to the mango orchard owned by Govardhan's family was a special delight with trees full of raw mangoes waiting to ripen and at such a height that even a 3 year old could pluck them - low hanging fruits never seemed sweeter :)


On the way back from the village, we made a pilgrimage to the famous Medak Diocese Church - one of the largest in Asia. It was swarming with people who had come for the Sunday Mass and we also took the blessings along with other devotees. Overall it was a fruitful and fun trip and the participation of more volunteers would have made it even more enjoyable.  


The team plans to meet in the coming weeks to decide the further course of action once the water analysis reports are available. Below is a brief snapshot of the trip in pictures.


In case you wish to volunteer and be a part of the project, please write to




Hyderabad Chapter




Setting up clean water units: A pilot venture by Hyderabad chapter



To officially kick-start this activity, a team of 10 volunteers from IITB and other IITs led by Madhu  visited the village of Rajapet (Nalgona district) . Visit was great in terms of mission and we were able to get a good handle of things on ground. See below for more details on the action last weekend and pictures.


As Madhu has been working on this initiative in a personal capacity over the last 6 months, he roped in a member of the most prominent family in the area. After a two hour drive, the entire team reached the ancestral home of our host spread over 40 acres dotted with ruins of a 500 year old fort. The team had a great time exploring the ruins and enjoyed a sumptuous feast - thanks to our local host and Madhu's wife Sunitha. 

 The team then visited some of the water purification plants operational in the area to access the quality of technology being deployed and the unmet demand which can be met by the initiative. Water samples were collected so that they can be analyzed to understand what kind of technology needs be deployed. Preliminary examination of underground water established high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) and it was surprising to note that local plants are supplying water of TDS lower than recommended range for potable water - which is again not recommend due to long term ill effects  on health. Also the reject water generated after purification process (with extremely high TDS) is simply being discharged in sewers thus wasting enormous amounts of the precious resource. This clearly proved the need for a technical intervention which can solve the problem more holistically. The team also met a few people who were willing to provide the necessary space and support to establish a purification plant which can benefit the local populace. 

The next step is to work out the technical and logistical details and kick start the project soon. The team also aims to visit more such places in near future so that the impact created can be broadened sufficiently. We would like to encourage you to join the team or contribute towards this initiative in any way suitable to you. To know more, please feel free to reach back. 


Responses from a few people:





Team, IITB Alumni, Hyderabad Chapter





Fresher's Welcome Meet- Hyderabad Chapter


The IITB Alumni Association Hyderabad Chapter hosted the 'Fresher's Welcome' event on 22nd of Sep 2012. This event was organised to welcome the newest members of the alumni of IIT Bombay, who had relocated to Hyderabad for their future prospects. Despite the heavy traffic due to Ganesh festival, there was a fair turnout of 15 freshers and 22 senior alums. With the cool breeze blowing on a pleasant monsoon evening by the Hussain Sagar lake, there could not have been a better place than the Sailing Club to welcome and get together.

The traditional "intro session" was as enjoyable to all of them as it used to be in IIT Hostels. The freshers surprisingly turned to be a talented lot and entertained the seniors in the best way they could. There were many singers amongst them. Now Hyderbad chapter can proudly say that if there is a singing competetion amongst the chapters, Hyderabad chapter is sure to win a prize. Not only were there singers, but also talented photographers who had graduated from IDC, who ensured that they would use their skills and come up with good photographs and make also create cool videos for future events. Last but not the least, Hyderabad chapter is proud to say that there is an aspiring (jazz) band amongst them! Talents apart, the senior alums were also full of enthusiasm to rag the juniors. To compensate for all the ragging, the seniors assured the juniors that they would readily help in guiding the juniors on career front and areas of their interests.


The introduction session concluded with welcome notes from veterans Rahul Chaubey, Bakul Desai, Madhu Reddy and Deepam Morparia. They spoke about the activities of AA, its presence around the globe and the significance of networking and giving back to our alma mater. The younger alums, Rinku and Swati, also shared their experiences of being a part of the AA. It was great to see positive response from the freshers for organizing future events as well as the promise to encouraging their fellow alums to join the AA.

The freshers welcome is clearly a very important event for any chapter in order to sustain the strong bond amongst the alumni. The organizing team was successful in connecting the new batch of alums which has just graduated with the senior alums. It was a fun evening over drinks and dinner at a beautiful locale.


The Hyderabad chapter was successful in organising a successful event yet again! Special thanks to the entire Hyderabad Chapter Execute Committee for organising this event. Hyderabad chapter hopes to make Fresher's Welcome Meet a a regular event every year.




















After a brief lull, Hyderabad chapter of IITBAA is all set to roll under the leadership of a newly constituted committee formed during a dinner meeting held on 5th November, 2011 at Jubilee Hills International Centre.

The first event was held on 11th December, 2011 at Marakesh Morocon Lounge abutting the Durgam Cheruvu lake. Event was attended by 62 alumni and click here for a report and photos. Here is a photostory of the meet.

Trekking and Snake awareness program was organized on 22 Jan for Hyderabad event. Check out the Picasa Album for more details.

If you encounter a wine connoisseur extolling the vitues of Cabernet Chevignon and Chenin Blanc, it is likely that he is an IITB alum from Hyderabad who attended a fun wine-tasting session on 2nd March, 2012 at Marakesh Morocon Lounge abutting the Durgam Cheruvu lake. During an hour long presentation conducted by Clive from UB's Four Seasons group, the Hyderabadi nawab learnt usefulpointers about identifying and appreciating various kinds of wine, and the etiquette of holding glasses and partaking appropriate snacks. Session ended with a sumptuous multi-cuisine dinner and some fellowship.

As per our directory records, Hyderabad is believed to be the home for nearly 800 IITB alumni and efforts are underway to locate as many alumni as possible. Login and update your directory info at to help us keep in touch with you. In case you have forgotten your password, visit for help or contact for assisstance.

From our directory listing, we have 97 names of "lost souls" and we request you to take a moment to go through this list and provide us with contact info of anyone you know about. You may write to and cc

Stay in touch by:


Those who are not life members of IITBAA can now do so in an easy process which is one mouse-click away.

How to Become a Life Member: Anyone who has completed one academic year as a student at IIT Bombay is eligible for life membership. Membership fees are Rs 2000/- only.

  • You can download the application form, fill it up, attach a photograph and a cheque for Rs.2000/- drawn in favour of IIT Bombay Alumni Association and post it to:

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