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Change of Guard at IITBAA

Change of Guard at IITBAA - 2016
We have voted in yet another successful election process that ensures both continuity and change in the composition of office bearers who serve you year after year to take our mission forward. Six hundred and nineteen (619) of you voted to elect in Nandkumar Kulkarni, Zenobia Driver and Saumil Majmudar. Though all 3 are debutantes in the Board election process, they are veteran volunteers with a good track record of volunteering and service to IIT and IITBAA.  IITBAA continues to maintain its best practices of a democratic election process while ensuring a diversity of representation across batches, geographical locations and gender.

This year the baton passed from Deepak Patil to Rahul Chaubey as the Chairman and Avinash Sankholkar who takes over from Paresh Vora as the new Treasurer. With Rahul Chaubey, we are also creating a new history as he will be the youngest ever (C'99 ) Chairman of our Board and our Treasurer will be the oldest member of our board (C’74) with a quarter of a century separating them. We are confident that the youth of our Chairman will bring in fresh energy, innovative ideas and new ways of working in the Board while the seniority of our Treasurer will help us benefit from his maturity, experience and wisdom.

For the first time, we'll have a Chair from the United States (Seattle). Our regional representation has now moved from A4 portrait to A0 landscape mode, with directors and advisers from Seattle to Tokyo via Kolkata including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Pune, Oman, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Alibagh and Ahmedabad. We continue to have 3 alumnae on the Board (including Executive Board) and have all the decades represented.

Based on our deliberations during the maiden Board meeting of the current Board subsequent to our AGM, we are pleased to announce the composition of the current Board as follows:


Elected Directors

Deepak Patil, Past Chairman
Rahul Chaubey, Chairman
Avinash Sankholkar, Treasurer
Paresh Vora, Past Treasurer
Anamika Agarwal
Kiran Shesh
Nandkumar Kulkarni
Zenobia Driver
Saumil Majmudar

Nominated Members (Ex-Officio)
Prof. Ravi Sinha (Dean ACR)
Prof. Soumya Mukherji (Dean SA)
Deepankar Varshney (Alumni Secy)

Executive Board Members

Vinay Karle
Dhananjay Saheba
Raghunandan Krishnamurthi
Meenakshi Nagdeve
Rajat Garg
Jayesh Bellare


Ali Contractor
Kirat Patel
Ajit Ranade
Dipak Sheth
Ram Kelkar
Shailesh Gandhi
Sharad Saraf
Shridhar Shukla
Raj Nair
Suresh Shenoy
Ashank Desai
Bakul Desai

Permanent invitees

Ruyintan Mehta (President IITBHF)(Ex-Officio)
Change of Guard at IITBAA - 2015
We've voted in large numbers for yet another successful election process that ensures both continuity and change in the composition of office bearers who serve you year after year to take our mission forward. 618 of you voted to re-elect Paresh Vora and Rahul Chaubey to the Board of Directors and voted in debutant Kiran Shesh. Thanks to your participation in our robust election process, we feel compelled to take the mission of IITBAA to greater heights from a platform built by our very eminent predecessors, numerous well-wishers and countless & tireless volunteers.
Considering that we had an unopposed election last year, 618 is a good number, but less than the numbers that voted in 2012 and 2013 and much lesser than the numbers we would like to see in an organization that boasts of 16,000+ members. Considering that our voting portal allows you to vote in less than a minute while walking, talking, eating, we hope you'll all step forward next year and shatter all voting records.
IITBAA continues to maintain its tryst with engaging members with a focus on diversity across batches, location and gender. With our expansion, we now have 9 elected Directors, 3 nominated Directors, 6 Executive Board members, 11 advisers, 1 permanent invitee. These 30 members span from the Class of 1969 to the current student who will graduate in 2016 i.e. 47 years. Locations include Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Alibagh, Chennai, Ahmedabad, New York, Pune, Tokyo, Oman, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco. For the first time, we have 3 alumnae on the Board to remind us that the gender disparity ratio in IITB is a thing of the past. For the first time, we have all decades represented, 2 are from 60s, 11 from 70s, 9 from 80s, 4 from 90s (a record), 4 from 2000+.
The Board has been constituted and roles and responsibilities have been assigned to keep in mind that IITBAA has embarked on its most ambitious project to launch the Global Business Forum (GBF) in Goa from Oct 16-18 this year, where we hope to meet as many of you as possible in the presence of our most eminent alumni spanning the globe. Based on our deliberations during the maiden Board meeting of the current Board subsequent to our AGM, we are pleased to announce the composition of the current Board as follows:
Elected Directors:
Bakul Desai (B.Tech. ’82 ChemE-Hyderabad) (Past Chairman)
Deepak Patil (B.Tech. ’77 Aero, M.Tech. ’79 Aero, Ph.D ‘85 Aero-Alibagh)(Current Chairman)
Rahul Chaubey (B.Tech. ’99 ChemE-Chennai) (Co-Chairman)
Paresh Vora (B.Tech. ’81 EE-Ahmedabad)(Treasurer)
Avinash Sankholkar (B.Tech. ’74 ChemE-Mumbai)(Co-treasurer)
Parul Gupta (B.Tech. ’02 EE-Bangaluru)
Abhishek Mangalick (B.Tech. ’04 ME-NCR)
Anamika Agarwal (B.Tech. ’02 CivE-Mumbai)
Kiran Shesh (B.Tech. ’88 ChemE, M. Mgmt ’04-Mumbai)
Nominated Directors:
Prof. Ravi Sinha (B.Tech. ’86 CivE-Mumbai)(Dean ACR)
Prof. Saumya Mukherji (B.Tech. IIT Kharagpur, MS. Colorado State University, PhD. Univ of North Carolina-Mumbai)(Dean SA)
Yashwanth Sandupatla (B.Tech. ’16  Engr Physics-Mumbai)(Alumni Secy)
Executive Board:
Vinay Karle (B.Tech. ’96 CivE-New York)
Dhananjay Saheba (B.Tech. ’77 EE-Mumbai)
Nandu Kulkarni (B.Tech. ’74 EE-Pune)
Saumil Majumdar (B.Tech. ’93 Meta-Bangaluru)
Zenobia Driver (MSc ’98 Chem-Mumbai)
Raghunandan Krishnamurthi (M.Tech. ’72 ME-Tokyo)
Advisory Board:
Shailesh Gandhi (B.Tech. ’69 ChE-Mumbai)
Sharad Saraf (B.Tech. ’69 EE-Mumbai)
Raj Nair (B.Tech. ’71 Meta-Mumbai)
Suresh Shenoy (B.Tech. ’72 Meta-Washington DC)
Ashank Desai (M.Tech. ’74 ME-Mumbai)
Ali Contractor (MSc ’73 Chem, Ph.D ’78 Chem-Mumbai)
Kirat Patel (B.Tech. ’75 ME-Mumbai)
Dipak Sheth (B.Tech. ’76 ChemE-Mumbai)
Ram Kelkar (B.Tech. ’80 EE-Chicago)
Ajit Ranade (B.Tech. ’82 EE-Mumbai)
Shridhar Shukla (B.Tech. ’83 EE-Pune)
Permanent Invitee:
Sandeep Pandya (B.Tech. ’86 ME-SF Bay Area) (President, IITBHF)
We would like to thank our outgoing Director Sandip Tarkas for his tremendous contribution as a Treasurer of IITBAA. Likewise with our youngest alumni Abhishek Thakkar and Nitin Kumar Singh who have stepped out temporarily from the Executive Board, but will continue to engage with you via newsletters, mailers and website. We also acknowledge our past Dean SA Urjit Yajnik who has made invaluable contributions to the Board. He's the only one 3-in-1 who doubled as an Institute functionary, alumnus and student representative and we've requested him to continue his engagement with IITBAA via an important role that we've assigned to him for GBF.
And of course, we’ve got a list of over 1000 alumni who can be credited as our contributors and we hope to find a way to acknowledge each of you in person for bringing us where we are today.
Change of Guard at IITBAA - 2014
Team IITBAA/IITBHF continues to make good progress and ranks amongst the top alumni organizations. In accordance with a precedent established by the former chair of IITBAA, Shridhar Shukla, Bakul Desai has stepped down as the Chair of IITBAA after a 2 year term and made way for Deepak Patil aka Boss. Similarly, Sandip Tarkas has stepped down as the Treasurer and made way for Paresh Vora. In addition, Namita Lobo has been elevated to the post of COO of IITBAA.
The newly elected Board of Directors is as follows:
Elected Members:
Deepak Patil, Chairman
Bakul Desai,  Past Chairman
Paresh Vora, Treasurer
Sandip Tarkas, Past Treasurer
Rahul Chaubey
Parul Gupta
Abhishek Mangalick
Avinash Sankholkar
Anamika Agarwal
Nominated Members:
Prof. Ravi Sinha (Dean ACR)
Prof. Urjit Yajnik (Dean SA)
Vishwas Goel (Alumni Secy)
Executive Board Members:
Vinay Karle
Nitin Kumar Singh
Abhishek Thakkar
Kiran Shesh
Dhananjay Saheba
Shailesh Gandhi
Sharad Saraf
Ali Contractor
Kirat Patel
Dipak Sheth
Ram Kelkar
Ajit Ranade

Shridhar Shukla 

Permanent Invitee:

Sandeep Pandya


Damayanti Bhattacharya, CEO

Namita Lobo, COO 

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