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Chapter Formation Guidelines






1. Formation of City Chapter of IIT Bombay Alumni Association

1.1. A City Chapter of the IITB-AA can be formed by IIT - B alumni who are eligible for

membership of the IIT Bombay Alumni Association.

1.2. Not more than one chapter per city will be encouraged.

3.1. All Chapter members shall act as agents of the parent body and shall enroll members on

their behalf.

3.2. All life membership fees shall be passed on in full to the parent body. This shall form the

4.1. The formation of a new chapter can be initiated by a group comprising not less than 10

alumni of lIT-B.

4.2. A formal application and proposal signed by not less than 10 alumni who arc members or

prospective members of the llT-B AA, in a prescribed manner, shall be made to the parent


4.3. All the proposers must necessarily be alumni of IIT-B even if they are not yet members

of the IlT-B AA.

5. Main Objects of the IIT-B AA



5.1. To promote interaction amongst the Alumni members and between the Alumni and the

Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai (Institute).

5.2. To encourage, promote and facilitate education and research in various branches of

engineering and technology, sciences and arts of the institute and for the advancement of

learning and dissemination of knowledge in such branches at the institute of elsewhere.

6. Chapter aims & objects

6.1. Each Chapter will be governed by the Main Objects of the parent body, viz. The IIT-B

AA, as detailed in clause 5 above.

6.2. The aims and objects of each chapter must necessarily contain the main objects of the IIT

Bombay Alumni Association.

6.3. The chapter members may draw up their own agenda of activities to meet the main objects

of the parent body.

6.4. This must be approved by the Chapters Committee of the IIT-B AA.

7. Chapters Committee's approval

7. I. Upon receipt of its proposal for a new chapter, the parent body shall consider the

proposal at the meeting of its Chapters' Committee constituted for the said purpose,

and take a decision.

8. Identification

8.1. Each chapter will be given authority to use the common emblem, seal, logo, letter head etc.

and will be allowed to operate a specific Chapter Bank account Viz "IIT Bombay Alumni

Association, [City] Chapter' .

9. Total responsibility with Chapters

9.1. Since IITB-AA shall be financially liable for the activities of chapters, utmost care shall

be taken by the chapters to limit their spending within budgets approved by the Board of

Directors of the IIT-B AA.

9.2. Chapter assets will be assets of IITB-AA.

9.3. In other words, chapters shall operate like branch or division offices of any company.

10. Executive Committee

10.1. Each chapter memorandum must define a Executive Committee comprising 4 (four)

office bearers with a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Jt. Secretary.

10.2. These four office bearers will also be authorised to operate the Bank Account of the City


10.3. The memorandum must also specify the method of electing the Managing Committee.

II. Inter-related entity

11.1. The IITB-AA and its chapter shall all be inter-related entities.

11.2. The chapter would however, have the independence of making their own programmes and

conducting themselves independently (as per agreed norms) save and for the joint

collaborative specific functions organized by the parent body from time to time.

11.3. Financial independence, however, will be limited to approved budgets.

11.4. Chapter accounts will be amalgamated with the IITB-AA accounts. As such. chapter

accounts would also come under the purview of the audit applicable to the parent


12. Notification of Plans

12.1. Each chapter shall notify the IlTB-AA about its plans and programs to enable a proper

coordination by the parent body.

13. Benefit and Back up to Chapters

13.1. The parent body shall retain the life membership fee, which will form the IlTB-AA

corpus. However, it shall provide suitable funding to the chapter and support it with PR

materials and literature as per scheme set up by it from time to time keeping in view its

own earnings and fund position.

14. Revenue generation for Chapters

14.1. The chapter shall be free to collect additional contributions to meet its expenses or collect

specific objective funds under approval of their plans.

15. Winding up

15.1. The parent body the IIT-B AA reserves the right to close or wind up a chapter in the

following circumstances:

a) whose activities are found not conforming to its main objectives;

b) whose activities are conducted in arbitrary fashion;

c) whose accounts are irregular and accounting practices are not satisfactory;

d) whose functioning is detrimental to the interest of llTB-AA.

16. Chapter Accounts and Bank Accounts

16.1. Each Chapter shall necessarily have year endings concurrent with that of llTB-AA.

16.2. Each Chapter shall maintain a proper and true account of its operations.

16.3. Each chapter shall co-operate fully with the auditors and

provide all information and/or documents as needed by the auditors from time to time.

16.4. Each Chapter may be allowed to open a separate Bank account.

Note: Since the HDFC Bank offers networked banking facility all over the country, all chapter

accounts are heing opened at the HDFC Bank, Hiranandani branch, Powai, Mumbai - 400076.

16.5. The name of the account shall be "IlT Bombay Alumni Association, [City] Chapter"

16.6. A resolution will be passed by the Board of Directors of the IIT-B AA to facilitate the

opening of the Bank Accounts and authorizing the office bearers to operate the hank


17. Guidelines For Formal Setup Of The City Chapter

17.1. The City Chapter of the IIT-B AA will form a General Body of its members. The

General Body will meed once every year. The quorum will be formed by those present

for the meeting.

17.2. The City Chapter will operate under the directions of a Executive Committee. The

Executive Committee will comprise 6/9 Alumni members duly proposed, seconded and

elected. The Executive Committee will have a tenure of three years and will meet four

times every year. The quorum will be formed by those present for the meeting.

17.3. The day to day activities of the City Chapter will be handled by 4 Office Bearers. These

will be 4 members of the Executive Committee and will be designated President,

Treasurer, Secretary and Joint Secretary of the City Chapter. These four office bearers

will be duly proposed, seconded and elected at a meeting of the Executive Committee

held for that purpose.

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