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Arvind Pendse has given many interesting talks in the past. This time he will talk about how the Genetic code was deciphered.


Most people have heard words like DNA, chromosomes, genes and genetic code and probably have a vague idea that genes contain a manual of instructions that runs our life, both mental and physical. All living beings have such an instruction manual inside them. However, people may not be aware that the language in which this manual is written and the way the instructions are executed is the SAME in ALL LIVING BEINGS. Content is obviously different but the language and its execution is the same right from single celled amoeba to complex human beings.


This talk will be about a detective story ie the long journey to uncover the fascinating mystery that had always puzzled mankind. Mystery about how life works, how this information is stored in us, and how it is passed on from generation to generation. How these questions were resolved by deciphering the genetic code in many small logical steps with co operation of many scientists from many countries working together.


The story has many twists and turns, shows how the scientists also make silly mistakes, how they also have biases and reject sound logical ideas, but how the self correcting scientific method prevails to uncover the truth in the end. Along the way we will also talk about what is meant by scientific method and why it is probably the best tool we have to uncover truth.


Following are the details of the lecture:


Venue: Synerzip, 3rd Floor, Revolution Mall, Above Big Bazzar, Kothrud,

Date and time: Saturday, June 25, 2016, 5 pm. Lecture will last 3 hours with one break.

This is a All IIT event. Spouses, other family & friends interested are welcome.

No registration is required. The hall has limited seating capacity so please come early.



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