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Class of 1979

Silver Jubilee Reunion: Class of 1979

The Class of 1981 celebrated its Silver Jubilee Reunion on the campus of IIT Bombay on December 25 and 26, 2004.   Sign up on the Class of 1981 YahooGroup at Note that you can select an option to receive no e-mails or receive periodic digests only from this YahooGroup if you want to minimize e-mails being sent to you.

Core Committee

Mukundan (B.Tech/Mech/H-7)
Shrikant Joshi (B.Tech/Elect./H-3)
Atul Gupta (B.Tech/Mech/H-3)
Raju Wadalkar (B.Tech/Elect/H-2)
Mr. Mukundan to take up responsibility of Treasurer of the bank account already operational with IITB AA

Area Coordinators

Overall: Atul Gupta (B.Tech./Mech/H-3)
Mumbai : Gautam Bawdekar (B.Tech/Met/H-7)
Pune & Rest of India: Suhas Pathak (B.Tech/Elect/H-3)
USA: Narendra Joshi (B.Tech./Mech/H-2) and Hemant Patel (B.Tech/Chem/H-7)
Europe: Kiron Gupte (B.Tech/M.Tech/Met/H-6/H-2) and Sushil Jalali (B.Tech./Mech/H-3)

Far East: Anand Rao (B.Tech/Elect/H-3)

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