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Class of 1980

Silver Jubilee Reunion: Class of 1980

The largest single class reunion ever was held by the Silver Jubilee Class of 1980 in Powai on December 24-25, 2005. The event was a great success and everyone who attended had a wonderful time meeting old friends and classmates. The Class of 1980 successfully raised an amount in excess of $200,000 or Rs. 1 crore for the Powai Lake Legacy Project ... more.

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Class of 1980
Donation Cheque

Reunion Committee
Pratim Biswas (Mech / H8 / St. Louis, MO)
Nirmalendu Jajodia (Mech / H5 / Mumbai)
Apoorva Patel (Physics / H6 / Bangalore)
Ram Kelkar (EE / H2 / Chicago, IL)
Salil Donde (Mech / H8 / Avon, CT)
Sunil Shenoy (EE / H3 / Portland, OR)
Suhas Pai (Aero / H7 / San Diego)
Revathi Kasturi (EE / H10 / Bangalore)
Anil Kumar (Mech / H2 / SF Bay Area)
Vijay Alreja (Met / H8 / New York, NY)
Makarand Phadke (Chem / H2 / Pune)
Arvind Rao (Chem / H5 / SF Bay Area)
Vinay Somani (Chem / H2 / Mumbai)
Ashish Karamchandani (Civil / H2 / Mumbai)
Samit Sengupta (Civil / H8 / London)
Nitin Borwankar (EE / H5 / SF Bay Area)
Dushyant Desai (EE / H6 / SF Bay Area)
Anil Pal (EE / H8 / SF Bay Area)
Anil Chawla (Mech / H5 / Bhopal)
Milan Mehta (Mech / H6 / New York, NY)
Ravi Tilak (Met / H4 / Los Angeles, CA)
Urjit Yajnik (Physics / H9 / Mumbai)
Mayank Patel (Chem / H8 / Pune)
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