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Class of 1981

Silver Jubilee Reunion: Class of 1981

The Class of 1981 celebrated its Silver Jubilee Reunion on the campus of IIT Bombay on December 23 and 24, 2006. The Alumni Project selected by the Class of 1981 is the granting of scholarships to both first-year and final-year students ... more. Two kinds of scholarships will be granted: Merit-cum-Means scholarship to first-year undergraduate students to help fund their education through IIT, and Entrepreneurial Seed Scholarships to final-year undergraduate students embarking on projects that have the potential of becoming a start-up opportunity for a new technology venture.


Sign up on the Class of 1981 YahooGroup at Note that you can select an option to receive no e-mails or receive periodic digests only from this YahooGroup if you want to minimize e-mails being sent to you.

Reunion2006 Committee

Manoj Kunkalienkar (EE / H3 / Mumbai, India)
Uresh Vahalia (MSc. Phy / H3 / Newton, MA, USA)

Ashwin Doshi (Mech / H3 / Mumbai, India)
Abhay Nadkarni (Mech / H8 / Dubai, MiddleEast)
Shirish Waghulde (Met. / H7 / Mumbai, India)
Shyam Thosar (EE / H4 / Mumbai, India)
Milind Gokhale (Civil / H7 / Mumbai, India)
Sudhir Bapat (EE / H4 / Pune, India)
Paresh Vora (EE / H4 / Bangalore, India)
Tushar Chitre (Civil / H4 / London, UK)
Raghunath Iyer (EE / H4 / Pune, India)
Deepak Avasare (Met. / H4 / Sydney, Australia)
Raj Abraham (Mech / H4 / Irvine, LA, USA)
K.V.Rao (Mech / H4 / ?? SF ??, USA)
Manoj Garg (EE / H4 / Portland, USA)
Subodhan Gadgil (EE / H4 / Boston, USA)
Mukund Karwe (Mech / H4 / NJ, USA)



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