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Homecoming report

Institute Alumni Day, 2015
In keeping with the tradition of IIT Bombay, the annual Institute Alumni Day was held on the last Sunday of the year, viz. on December 27, 2015 with the usual pomp and splendour. The Alumni day function consisted of alumni get-together, visits to departments, tours of research facilities, visits to hostels, visit to Tech Fest stalls and so on. Like past years, on this day, the Institute conferred Distinguished Service Award to deserving alumni members for their notable and sustained contribution towards the progress of the Institute.
The Alumni day began at the Registration desk where alumni from different batches were seen connecting with one another, reminiscing about old days and sharing precious anecdotes. After the registration the crowd dispersed to spend their time either chatting with friends, browsing through issues of the Alumni magazine Fundamatics that were displayed. The family members were seen making a dash for the tattoo or mehendi stalls.
At the formal function at 11AM Director Devang Khakhar presented the Director's Report in which he gave alumni an update on recent happenings at IIT Bombay. In his address the  Director highlighted the changing character of the Institute due to strong emphasis on research. He pointed out that more than 50% of the students are now in postgraduate programmes, which has contributed to a drastic increase in scientific peer-reviewed publications, patents and technology transfer from the Institute. He also emphasised the important contributions being made by the alumni in the progress of the Institute through contributions of their time, skills, knowledge as well as monetary supporting several important initiatives and thanked them.
The Director also conferred the Distinguished Service Awards for 2015 on the IIT Bombay alumni who have contributed in a very notable and sustained manner to the progress of the Institute. This year’s awardees were Mr. Pramod Chaudhuri (B.Tech., 1971, Mechanical Engineering), Mr.Ashok Kalbag (B.Tech., 1974, Mechanical Engineering), Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan (B.Tech.1988, Metallurgical Engineering), Mr. Abhay Sawant (B.Tech., 1988, Electrical Engineering). The award consists of a certificate, memento and an uttaria.
The event was attended by several faculty members who had taught the batch. These favorite professors, several retired, helped to relive the student days of the alumni and made the occasion even more memorable.
Visits to the departments and hostels were also organised during the Alumni Day where the alumni were updated regarding the latest developments. Over 400 alumni participated in the Alumni Day events.
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