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   February 13th 2015 to February 18th 2015 are the precious days which will bring in nostalgia back from good old days!


1500 student Tree1965


Golden Jubilee Reunion of

Class of 1965


Dear friends,  

After getting out of IIT, Powai we travelled different paths as per our passions, ambitions and destinies. In the ups and downs of the life we accomplished, achieved and sometimes failed. We travelled across different countries, places and met different persons. We tied knots, raised families and now most of us are at a stage where we are enjoying what we have achieved and are continuing to pursue passions which we could not pursue in professional careers. Is it not fine we share all these experiences of half a century in a place and environment where we built the foundation of our career? What better opportunity to refresh our memories from where it all started?


At a Golden Jubilee Reunion of batch of 1965 at Powai Mumbai where not only you will re-bond with whom you lost touch all these years but also spend 2 days at Powai with option to spend 2 more days at picturous setting of Fariyas Lonavala. Reunions are often associated with a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia. It brings back memories and emotions attached with those memories - joy, laughter, sadness, regret - at the same moment.You smile at the young naive boy and off you go on a train of reminiscence. Nostalgia can be triggered off by the slightest of sights, sounds and smells.  




Over the years, IITB

educational system

expanded in many

dimensions !!!




These four days from Feb 14th to Feb 17th 2015 are planned to be full of fun and frolic, enjoyment and new experiences and probabaly the last chance to meet your long time lost friends and their families in such a large group. Come and join with us all and make a speical effort to make it a memorable event. In response to our earlier mail of Feb 2014, we have confirmation of around 90 persons (including spouses). We not only expect all of you to be there and sign up earlier by registering but also urge you to persuade those of our missing friends to join.


On March 10, 1958 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru planted a knoweldge tree in Powai, are of erstwhile Bombay. By 1965, this tree had grown big having 5 braches, bering nearly 300 fruits, ripened and ready to be plucked of which about half were exported to the USA. As the years passed, this knowledge tree kept growing, developing many branches, producing loads of fruits. So much, so that this tree is indistinguishable now to those who had seen it 50 years ago. You are invited to visit and savour new and hugh 2015 IITB community. 


IIT Bombay today:

In the 55 years of its existence, more than 44,000 students have passed out from our glorious institute. This year’s convocation witnessed 2044 degrees being awarded. A sum of Rs. 8.38 crores was received by the institute this year - Rs. 2.83 crores from alumni and Rs. 5.55 crores from corporates.


The student population has seen a significant growth as well. IITB plays home to about 8500 students as compared to 1500 in 1965. These students take active part in organizing the two biggest college festivals in Asia - Mood Indigo and Techfest. Our faculty strength has grown from 50 in 1965 to 565 currently. This is the largest by far among all IITs, with most of our faculty being highly renowned in international circles for their outstanding research contributions.


More than 10 cultural clubs have come up over the years. Some of the most popular ones are the Photography Club - Pixels, the Dramatics Club, the Fine Arts Club - Rang, the Literary Arts Club - Literati and the Film-making Club - Silverscreen. Other than the cultural clubs, the institute now plays host to some really innovative clubs for those who are interested in analytics, consulting, finance, rubik-cube solving and skating, to mention a few. We were also the first institute in India to support a club for LGBTs - the Saathi Club.


Now it is your time to come and re-live those moments, those little moments which taught you to survive, lead life and bring out your inner self.



Early bird registration ends on October 31st  2014

IITB 1965 Batch 50 Years Program Registration
Attending at Attendee From India From rest of the world
    per head per head
Campus only Alumni/ Guest Rs. 7500 US $ 125
  Spouse Rs. 6500 US $ 110
Campus+Fariyas Alumni/ Guest Rs. 19500 US $ 325
  Spouse Rs. 18500 US $ 310


Above Registration Charges exclude:

  • Charges for accommodation at IITB Guest House or MTNL Guest House
  • Charges for Life Membership of IITB AA
  • Alcoholic Drinks at Fariyas
  • Charges of Machan Resort Lonavala and Lunch at Machan Resort if you decide to go there as     an option

Registration charges include:

  • Room Charges at Fariyas
  • All meals starting from Dinner on Feb 13th to Breakfast on Feb 16th for “campus only” option
  • All meals starting from Dinner on Feb 13h to Breakfast o Feb 18th for “campus+Fariyas “Option



Payment options:

Indian registrants: Pay either by Credit Card or Online transfer or Cheque.

ROW registrants: Please use Wire transfer or Cheque method. If your wish to use the Indian HDFC Bank payment gateway you will have to pay in Indian Rupees through your card.

US residents: There is a separate payment gateway. Pay either by Credit Card or Cheque or Online transfer.

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