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Legacy Project


Class of 1966 Legacy Project: Tinkerer’s Lab Expansion:

Tinkerer’s Lab is a legacy project started by the class of 1975. It was set up with an intention of promoting experimentation, creativity and innovation among students. Inaugurated on March 19, 2014, the Tinkerer’s Laboratory (TL) offers an enabling physical environment for young engineering students to go hands on and give form and expression to their innovative and imaginative natures. It could be a business incubator for student’s dreams, to allow their creative juices to flow freely, develop an entrepreneurial spirit and design the products or apps of the future. Three start-ups have already emerged. All ideas and proposals by students have to be approved by two professors who oversee the Lab.

The TL has a wide range of equipment like Form Grinder, CNC lathe, Soldering Iron, 3D Printer, Hand Drill, CNC Mill and most state of the Art machines for prototyping are available. The Lab is so successful, that other IIT’s are impressed and many wish to replicate the model.

The demand is so high that students are literally on top of one another competing for use of facilities. IITB has provided the land needed and a new building is being constructed that will increase the space from 700 to 1600 sq ft. During our successful 50th Golden Jubilee Reunion, many of us visited the lab and were impressed by student enthusiasm and creativity. Our Class of 1966 has committed to raise funds to cover the cost of the new equipment needed for the expansion and the first year’s operating expenses. We encourage all our batch mates to contribute to this worthy cause, as recognition of the fine education we received, which contributed greatly to our successes. Remember our tuition fees were Rs.200 per year, a very generous gift from the taxpayers. 

The new facility will have a plaque acknowledging our gift.

 For more information on the Tinkerer’s lab please click here.

 For actual successful case studies click here.

To make a donation:

India Residents and Rest of the World residents, please click here to download the document of instructions on how to donate. To make the donation, please click here.














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