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Junta! Imagine your usual weekend.

Then imagine spending it in the company of Old friends made at IIT many that you have lost touch with but have never forgotten.

Now stop imagining and register here to make that weekend a reality. 

  • Class of 1987 Silver Jubilee Reunion: December 29, 2012
  • Alumni Day: December 30, 2012


Please take a few minutes to send in your donation to support the Class of 1987 Legacy Project. You can learn more about the project by visiting the following links

There is a chance that You might discover that middle age is when your classmates are so gray and wrinkled and bald they don't recognize youJ Nonetheless the constant that has bound us all together have been IIT Bombay not to mention the fact that this might be your one chance to let the family in on what the IIT Bombay magic was all about.

So don’t think and act now, this is exactly kind of trip in nostalgia that you need,- cack all night…tear down campus one more time…rejuvenate your spirit.

Click here to find out who else has registered.


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