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Decennial Reunion report

The Ten Year Reunion
Class of 2004

The day started with alumni gathering at the registration counter setup at VMCC. Everyone trying to summarize their last ten years as fast as they could eagerly wanting to know about the rest. Though most had not met each other for 10 years,  they were able to instantly reconnect. Forgotten nicknames resurfaced and unexpected career paths was the hottest topic.

After the registration, Prof Ravi Sinha welcomed the alumni followed by an address by the director Prof Devang Kharkar. Distinguished service awards were handed over and representatives of the silver and ruby jubilee batches addressed the alumni.

Mr. Mitul Bid from the Decennial Batch spoke about the batch. He highlighted the uniqueness of this batch which was able to see two very different phases of life in IITs. He noted the drastic changes in multiple aspects that internet in particular and technology in general brought and how the Class of 2004 was able to see the change within those 4 years.

After the addresses, the batch mates had a photo session after which they all went to Gulmohar lawns for lunch.

After lunch, the batch split up into groups and went to their respective departments and hostels. All gathered together in the evening at 5:30 PM to hear Mr. Manohar Parrikar  IITB alumnus from the batch of 1978 and the current Indian defense minister.

The reunion ended with a dinner at Gulmohar lawns where a few more batchmates who came in later joined the group. The reunion left everyone with memories to cherish awaiting the next such opportunity to get-together. 





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