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Past Events

Dinner with Dean ACR - 17th November, 2016




Prof. Ravi Sinha - Dean (Alumni & Corporate Relations) was in Tokyo to attend an Universities Symposium this month. He had requested for an informal dinner meeting with the Japan chapter EC members and active volunteers. He was also interested in meeting with other Japanese university and corporate contacts to develop relationship with Japan in general.

In spite of the short notice, a meeting was arranged with Tokyo University faculty at Imperial Hotel to initiate a dialog between IITB and Todai.

One of the key persons that we could get to meet with Prof. Ravi Sinha was Yoshino san from the Delhi Liaison office of University of Tokyo.

After the meeting with Todai, Prof. Ravi Sinha hosted the Chapter Executive Committee members to a dinner on 17th November. It was an informal event held at an Indian restaurant with 7 Chapter alumni who could make it on a working day evening. There was a very fruitful and communicative exchange of information and advice from Prof. Ravi Sinha for almost two hours.

 Click here to view full album of photographs clicked with Tokyo University faculty at the Imperial Hotel.

Japan Chapter Dinner Meet - 9th September, 2016.



Konnichiwa (Greetings in Japanese).

It is peak Typhoon season in Japan with Typhoons hitting the land incessantly for the past several weeks. Yet, in line with Japanese culture that stands against all odds, IITB alumni Japan chapter has been going ahead organizing various events. On September 9th, 2016 we organized a Dinner get together in the famous Shinjuku downtown district of Tokyo with 3 distinguished people from a variety of backgrounds.



  1. Mr. Arvind Singh: Minister (Economic) at the Indian embassy in Tokyo.
  2. Mr. Masahiro Nakashima, CEO of one of the leading private consultants for Quality Management in Japan. He has a global footprint of experience in working in various countries, including India.
  3. Mr. Sharad Saraf: IITB Alumnus (B. Tech 1969 Electrical Engg.), recipient of Distinguished IITBAA Alumnus award in 1995. Currently he is Chairman of Technocraft group of companies with a global footprint.

The idea of holding this dinner meet was initiated on the news that Sharad Saraf was visiting Japan on business.  On the suggestion to this dinner, he accepted without hesitation inspite of his busy schedule. On top of that, he also suggested inviting the other 2 dignitaries which completed the circle of India – Japan relationship.

It was a great opportunity for the young blood to interact with a seasoned diplomat and industrialists. Here is the sequence of events during the program.

All the alumni introduced themselves. It was great to see Arvind-san (-san is a honorific in Japanese) interacting with everyone with spontaneity and enthusiasm despite his hectic schedule during the day.


Sharad-ji shared his wisdom on the entrepreneurial skills and how important it is to focus on Technological innovation. It was inspiring to hear him how he is planning to gain a food-hold in Japan, which is one of the toughest business territories to enter owing to its unique business culture aka eco-system.

All the alumni were pleasantly surprised to hear that Sharad-ji was instrumental in the birth of IITB-AA 25 years ago. Another surprise was to see Sharad-ji remembering the names of every alumni present at the meeting. When asked how he could remember all the names, he simply said “I should”.

Arvind-san gave insights on the Mission of the Indian Embassy of Tokyo, which is one of the most happening and hectic missions of India. He explained how the interactions between India and Japan have been on a spectacular rise since 2014. He gave several insights on the huge levels of amount of investment pouring from Japan to India across various projects. The next visit of Prime Minister Modi in November 2016 is going to be another major milestone with a series of high profile projects to be announced. We felt we are in the middle of a great transformational period of development. He reminded alumni of our responsibility, that every Indian abroad is a diplomat on his own.

Nakashima-san is a graduate from Kyoto University and also was a faculty in Technology Research. He has over 40 years of experience working as Quality Management specialist in various leading companies in Japan. He gave invaluable insights on how companies are managed in Japan. For example, in a Japanese factory, even the worker at the bottom of the ladder has the basic knowledge of the entire spectrum of things happening in the factory. At the same time he knows his role completely and also knows how he can improve and go on to the next level of expertise. He related this functioning of a factory worker to the functioning of a part of the body. He stressed on the kind of organic structure that is important for any company to include people and grow.


We can’t thank enough our IITB Japan chapter president Raghunandan for the sheer enthusiasm and zeal to organize such events and motivate the predominantly young alumni of Japan chapter.

Sayonara for now.


[Click here for complete album of pictures.]


~ As reported by Pusapati Sivaram (M. Tech 2002 EE)

New Beginnings for the Japan Chapter



The IITBAA Japan Chapter members organised their first 'Hanami cum Potluck' in Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture and all the members made it a grand success. The event took place on April 9, Saturday. In total, 7 alumni and one family member participated in this get-together which saw good food, drinks, music and dance shared by each participant. 

The Chapter is thankful to the participants for their cooperation and their sincere efforts in all aspects for organizing such a fun-filled and happy get together. Hopefully, there will be more chances to organize such events in times to come.




From right to left in the photograph above:

Amit Saklani M.Tech EScE 2013 IIT Bombay

Ravi Gehlot Dual Degree EScE 2015 IIT Bombay

Harshad Bokil M.Tech EE 2015 IIT Bombay

Anuraag Pandey B.Tech EE 2014 IIT Kanpur

Pranav Shetty Dual Degree EScE 2015 IIT Bombay

Aniket Khade Dual Degree EE 2011 IIT Bombay

Raghunath Bellala (Not in picture) M.Tech EScE 2011 IIT Bombay, with

Anusha Bellala (Not in picture)


Click here to read a full report on the event by Aniket Ashok Khade.

Click here to view the album.

Freshers Welcome Meet 2015


Dear Fellow Alumni,


It is with the greatest measure of pleasure and satisfaction that I am writing about the very first Freshers’ Welcome Meet ever held in Tokyo.  When we got the information from IITB that more than 20 freshers were coming to Japan, it was a unanimous decision to hold a welcome meet.  The first task was to make personal contact (phone, email, spreading the word, etc.) with as many of the freshers who had already arrived or were to arrive in Japan and enlist their details in the master data of Tokyo chapter.  After confirming the actual numbers, finally we fixed the date based on maximum availability of participants.  Then came the search for suitable venue and after a few false starts, we fixed the same rented hall where we held our very first get-together last year.  The big difference this time was that we could also get excellent catering service in the hall itself from an Indian restaurant next door.  This helped in adding precious time for the event in one place without losing time in moving to a restaurant.

Summary of the event follows:

Date of the event: 14th November 2015

Time: Fun-packed 4 hours from 10:00 AM including morning tea and buffet lunch

Place: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Participants: Total 25 alumni + 1 family member



 There were 2 lady freshers enhancing the youth power of Tokyo chapter.


Variety group activities: Virtually everyone was on their toes throughout the event.




Proxy Self-introductions:  This was a fun way to introduce someone else as self.  All participants were randomly paired and each pair partner introduced the other partner as self after mutually exchanging personal information.

Talent presentation: After proxy self-introduction as above, each participant presented his / her own talent.  We discovered quite a number of vocal and instrument musicians, dancer and speech-makers talent in our chapter.  Fun prizes were awarded based on popular vote.

Quiz contest:  As the event was commemorating 3 subjects on this day, we had a quiz contest with posers on IITB, Jawaharlal Nehru and Japan (total 40).  The top score was 35 and the scorer was awarded a special fun prize as well.

Musical chair: The fun activities climaxed with the most popular musical chair contest with music flowing out of smart phone through the amplifier system in the hall.  The scramble for the last remaining chair was like the scramble of global fortune companies to pick the cream of IITB for job posting!!!

Thanks to IITBAA contribution for the “Made in India” Tokyo chapter banners you see in the pictures adding color to the event.

Thanks to all the volunteers and participants who could make the event a big success.

Look forward to the next event based on popular demand of the IITBAA Tokyo chapter alumni.

Best wishes and regards.
Raghunandan Krishnamurthy
President – Tokyo chapter

 IITB-AA Tokyo Chapter 2014 Get-together


Dear all Tokyo chapter alumni,

I am greatly pleased to inform all of you that our very first get-together on 15th November went off well. In spite of all the difficulties, a total of 18 of us made it to the GT.

As a very first step in my opinion, this was indeed a great step for the members to join and discuss future plans.Personally for me, this has been a major exercise in coordinating and compiling the list of active alumni in Japan.So I have expressed my strong desire to all the participants to create a common interactive communication platform.Only then it is possible to conduct future events in a more efficient and smooth way with maximum participation.

Just to summarize the various different platforms I have used this time, please refer the attached final members list.

82 -  Number of alumni as registered in web directory with connection to Tokyo as chapter or location
Out of this, some have already confirmed to me that they are out of Japan now.
This mass mailing system that I am using now must be reaching these 82 alumni.



36 - Number of alumni directly or indirectly confirmed by me as being in Japan.
Out of these, 18 have participated in GT.
Out these, 34 are registered in web directory and 2 do not yet seem to be.
Out of these, 26 have joined the facebook group.
Out of these, 9 are not in the mass mailing list connected to tokyo.

40 is the number of alumni who joined the face book group. Out of these, 6 seem not registered in web directory so will not be getting this mass mailing message.Some are registered in web directory but not connected with Tokyo list and so will not be getting this mass mailing message.

To cut a long story short, my dear friends, as alumni of one of the elite technology institutes of India living in Japan, we need to create a common platform for efficient communication.
I once again appeal to all of you who are interested in taking this Tokyo chapter into future activities to come up with a common interactive platform idea.
It could be Facebook group, gmail group, yahoo group or whatever, as long as everyone of us in Japan is part of it.






There are several proposals for the future activities of Tokyo chapter and before we can proceed to start organizing them, we need to prepare the communication platform on a top priority.


Looking forward to the cooperation from all of you,

(PS: The only lady in the group picture of the GT is a non-alumnus and is my own better half offering to help out at the event.)

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