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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni Directory and Yearbook

Giving Back to IIT Bombay

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Website and Email Forwarding Questions

What is the Alumni Directory and Online Yearbook and why should I update my contact information?
The Alumni Directory is the official database of all data about alumni of IIT Bombay and it is jointly owned and maintained by IIT Bombay, IITBHF and IITBAA. Strict procedures and rules are in place to protect your confidential information ... more. The Alumni Directory profile is also an online Yearbook and alumni can include photographs, new and noteworthy items, professional news, family updates, interests and hobbies, memories from IIT days, plans for the future and more. By keeping your personal information updated, you can stay in touch with friends and classmates - note that you can always control what is seen by whom using the privacy flags. You can get an instant username/password reminder by clicking on the Forgot Password link shown on, or you can write to directory [at] for further assistance with your address or username/password information. Back to top backtotop.jpg

How do I get a personalized forwarding email address and can I change it at will?
Your username is your lifelong forwarding address. You can get an instant username/password reminder by clicking on the Forgot Password link shown on, or you can write to directory [at] for further assistance with your address or username/password information. You can login at to change your username (which is also your forwarding address) and your actual primary email address at any time ... more. Back to top backtotop.jpg

Who can see my Yearbook profile and how do I update it?
Only alumni who have logged in to Alumni Directory can search for and see your Yearbook page which is your Alumni Directory profile. To update your personal entry and add photographs, just login at ... more. Back to top backtotop.jpg

What are the privacy features available to protect my Alumni Directory information?
After you login to the Alumni Directory, you can use the privacy flags to control who can see your information, what information is displayed, and whether or not alumni can contact you via the Alumni Directory. Back to top backtotop.jpg

How do you locate email and address information for alumni?
IITBHF and IITBAA volunteers, members of SARC (Student Alumni Relations Cell) along with the staff at IITBAA work diligently to locate alumni contact information. Alumni can also help locate "lost souls" --- alumni for whom no contact information is available --- by visiting the Lost Alumni website. Back to top backtotop.jpg

Why does IIT Bombay need to raise funds?
IIT Bombay needs to raise funds to continue on its "Tryst with Excellence", which includes building and maintaining world class infrastructure, and attracting and retaining the best faculty and students ... visit IIT Bombay's Golden Jubilee website and the Giving to IIT website for more information. Back to top backtotop.jpg

Why should alumni contribute?
Alumni have gained a lot from the education received at IIT Bombay and share an emotional attachment to their alma mater. Alumni also have a lot to gain from the continued success of IIT Bombay since the image and brand of their alma mater helps alumni succeed in their own careers and business initiatives. Back to top backtotop.jpg

What are the specific needs of IIT Bombay?
Current specific Giving Opportunities are listed on the How to Donate website and on the online Pledge Form. Giving Opportunities include items such as Student Scholarship Fund, Faculty Development Fund, Student Development Fund, Library, Powai Lake, Young Faculty Fund, and support for specific Departments and Hostels ... visit the How to Donate website for the latest information. Back to top backtotop.jpg

Who provides oversight for funds donated by alumni?
The Board of the IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation (IITBHF) provides the necessary oversight for disbursement and usage of funds donated via IITBHF. IIT Bombay itself has well established governance processes to oversee the usage of funds donated via IITBHF or directly to the Registrar, IIT Bombay. IITBHF and IIT Bombay discuss pending projects and actual spending on a regular basis. IITBHF's Executive Committee authorizes the release of funds to IIT Bombay only after it feels comfortable with its due diligence with regard to specific proposals. Once a project has been approved and funded, there is regular communication between IITBHF and the IIT Bombay leadership to review progress on the deliverables, milestones and actual spending. Back to top backtotop.jpg

How do I know that funds are used appropriately and not wasted on overhead costs?

  • The annual budget is approved by IITBHF's Executive Committee.
  • All officers of IITBHF are unpaid volunteers and spend for their own travel and communication costs to participate in IITBHF meetings.
  • Expenses over $2,000 need approval of at least two officers and checks over $10,000 need two officer signatures.
  • Additional funds are sent to IIT Bombay only after specific milestones are reached.
  • In addition, many key governance and disclosure documents are available online ... click here for more about IITBHF and here for more about IITBAA. Back to top backtotop.jpg

How can I get automatic notification when updates are posted on this website?
Several free website monitoring services are available that can automatically notify you by e-mail when news updates are posted to the IIT Bombay alumni website. You may wish to try one of these services at your own risk - click here for more information. Back to top backtotop.jpg

How does the lifelong e-mail forwarding facility work?
The lifelong email forwarding address is simply your UserName @ If your Alumni Directory UserName is RamSingh and the Primary e-mail address you have specified in the IITBHF/IITBAA Alumni Directory is rs123 @, then all mail sent to ramsingh @ will be forwarded to rs123 @ When you move, travel, change jobs, or change ISPs, your e-mail account is likely to change. By using e-mail forwarding, you can simply login to and update your forwarding address online. The main difference between e-mail forwarding and your e-mail account is that e-mail forwarding does not come with storage space for e-mail. The e-mail UserName and the Alumni Directory UserName are both case insensitive. UserNames are given out on a first-come-first-served basis and the only characters that are permitted are "a-z", "A-Z", "0-9", "-", "_", and "." Users of MS Outlook and other mail clients can usually set the sender's address (e.g. User Information <E-Mail Address> in MS Outlook) to their IIT Bombay forwarding address, and this may be possible for web-based e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail too.

Help pages for using your address:

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What spam checking services are incorporated into the e-mail forwarding facility?
Spam checking is done using premium anti-spam protection powered by industry leading technology from Commtouch. In addition, certain other checks such as Valid Reverse DNS and real-time black lists are also used to identify spam. Suspected "spam" e-mails may be bounced, deleted, or forwarded with a spam tag in the Subject line, at the discretion of IITBHF and IITBAA. Your usage of all services provided on this website are subject to the Terms of Usage ... more. Back to top backtotop.jpg

How can I make changes to my Alumni Directory entry and lifelong forwarding address such as my Username or my primary e-mail address?
Write to directory @ to update or make changes to your email address and any other information in the Alumni Directory. Alumni can also make changes to their database entry at any time by logging in to the site at which offers an automated facility to retrieve your UserName or Password if you have forgotten them. Members can change their UserName and/or Password at any time by logging in to the site at Note that UserNames are given out on a first-come-first-served basis and the only characters that are permitted are "a-z", "A-Z", "0-9", "-", "_", and "." While the UserName is case insensitive, please note that passwords are case-sensitive. We recommend that you take the time to periodically check your entry to ensure that all details are correct and up-to-date. Back to top backtotop.jpg

How does the proxy e-mail facility work and how do you prevent headhunters, junk-mailers and others from targeting alumni listed in the database?
The IITBHF/IITBAA Alumni Directory listings never display the actual e-mail address of any alumni. Instead, anyone wishing to send an e-mail must locate the IITian in the database and fill out a form, which then sends out a message without the sender ever seeing the actual e-mail address. Subsequently, if the recipient so chooses, s/he can respond to the sender and thereby establish direct e-mail contact between the two consenting alumni. In addition, members are also restricted from sending more than a pre-set number of messages to protect members from mass mailings. If you wish to contact a large group of alumni via the database, please write to in advance explaining the reasons. Back to top backtotop.jpg

What happens if I have chosen to keep my e-mail address "PRIVATE" in the IITBHF/IITBAA Directory ?
If you have chosen to turn on the flag "Keep e-mail address private", then the e-mail forwarding facility will not be functional. This is to protect your privacy since you will have indicated your preference that your e-mail address should stay private. Therefore, if you wish to avail of the Alumni Directory proxy e-mail service and the e-mail forwarding service, the privacy flag should be turned off. Back to top backtotop.jpg

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