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blog.jpgWelcome to IITB Blog Corner, which lists blogs authored by past and present students of IITB. Although these blogs cover a broad swathe of categories with distinctive styles of individual bloggers, Blog Corner hopes to capture the unifying thread of IITB in them – after all, we’d like to believe that even as you get out of IITB, IITB doesn’t get out of you.  If we miss out on a blog by an IITB alumnus do drop us a mail.
Blog Name
About the Blog
Technology Sales & Marketing
Prem Kamble's Articles Prem Kamble (BTech 1978) My real life case stories on IT Management, People Management, Change Management, Behavioral IT™ (a phrase coined by me) and other topics of general interest.
Third Time Lucky
Rukesh Reddy

Musings on the environment, businesses and governance. Occasionally even covers science.
Talk of Many Things
Ketharaman Swaminathan
Pivoting around technology sales and marketing, Talk of Many Thing covers gadgets, gizmos, books, music, business culture and a lot of other topics – just as its title forewarns!
 Geek on Net
 Ranjeet Kr. Vimal
Blog listing startups in India for jobs/publicity
Ranjeet Kr. Vimal
India's first Startup Job Portal/Blog
Gopala Krishna's Tech Blog
Gopala Krishna
Programming Related Technical Blog
Student Bodies
वाणी....भावों से शब्दों तक   Vaani  संस्थान के उभरते लेखकों की रचनाओं और गतिविधियों का दस्तावेज़ !  
Student Alumni Relations Cell
Student Alumni Relations Cell
Blog to bridge the gap between students and alumni of IITB
Blog on the latest happenings in School of Management, IITB
Makarand Karkare
 Stories from IITB Mountaineering Club
Techfest Blog
Blog by Techfest, IITB's Technical Festival
Mood Indigo
Mood Indigo
Blog by Mood Indigo IITB's Cultural Festival
Bakul Desai
Blog related to the book "Madhouse - True Stories of the inmates of Hostel 4, IITB
   Personal Blogs
Sandeep Kishore Sandeep Kishore Views, perspective and reflections
Suresh Lulla   Suresh Lulla Personal experience in the fields of quality, excellence, benchmarking and innovation.
Makarands Musings
Makarand Karkare
Musings of a middle aged guy with philosophical bent
Milind Yedkar
A marketing personell shares his perpectives on things he observes
Mike Rana
Perpectives of Mike Rana
Prem Kamble' Blog
Prem Kamble
Prem’s musings on IT Management and a rational view of God and Religion, two diverse topics but closely related.
Gopala Krishna's Blog
Gopala Krishna
Personal Blog of Gopala Krishna
Sunderarajan Venkatavaradan
 A blog on how the other half lives
Self Help
Hemant Karandikar
Blog on Learning Leadership
 Happy Blogging!!
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