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Welcome to the book corner of IIT Bombay. This is your place to check out books by IITB alumni. We are trying to list all books by our alumni. If we miss out on a book by an IITB alumnus do drop us a mail.

“Happy Reading!”

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Title Author Summary
  Electromagnetic Field Theory

Kshetrimayum Rakhesh Singh

Electromagnetic Field Theory aims to give a solid foundation on electromagnetic fields, waves, and radiating systems. It is targeted as a textbook for electromagnetic field theory course for undergraduate electronics engineering students. Besides strong fundamentals on Maxwell's equations, this book provides in-depth discussion about the basics of electromagnetic waves (wireless communication channel modeling requires this knowledge), transmission lines (microwave engineering course requires a background of this topic), and antennas (antenna is a component of any communication system; any communication cannot happen without this).
  Multispectral Image Analysis Using the Object-Oriented Paradigm

Kumar Navulur

Bringing a fresh new perspective to remote sensing, object-based image analysis is a paradigm shift from the traditional pixel-based approach. Featuring various practical examples to provide understanding of this new modus operandi, Multispectral Image Analysis Using the Object-Oriented Paradigm reviews the current image analysis methods and demonstrates advantages to improve information extraction from imagery. 
MEMS Reliability

Hartzell, Allyson L., Da Silva , Mark., Shea, Herbert

Successfully bringing MEMS-based products to market hinges on engineering the component to have sufficient reliability for the intended application, yet the reliability and qualification methodology for MEMS based products is not widely understood. Companies that have a deep understanding of MEMS reliability because of specific high volume manufacturing experience generally view the details of a reliability program as a competitive advantage and are reluctant to share it. MEMS Reliability focuses on the reliability and manufacturability of MEMS at a fundamental product engineering level by addressing process development and characterization, material property characterization, failure mechanisms and physics of failure (PoF), accelerated testing and lifetime prediction, design strategies for improving yield, design for reliability (DfR), packaging and testing. 

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

(2nd Edition)

Hasmukh P. Oza and Gautam H Oza

This completely revised edition of the book, written with a design bias, is an outcome of vast experiences of practicing engineers. Besides the treatment of the theories, designs of foundations have been extensively covered. Suitable changes have been incorporated in chapters on “Earth Retaining Walls”, “Foundations” and "Machine Foundations". Since “Roads” are very much “foundations”, there is a chapter on “Roads and Runways”. Keeping in mind the technological advancement and changing techniques, chapters on “Instrumentation”, “Shallow Foundations”, “Deep Foundations”, “Tiebacks & Anchors”, “Reinforced Earth”, “Slabs on Grade”, and “Soil Stabilisation” have been added in this edition. The book fully covers the degree courses in civil engineering and, also, partly covers the curriculum for post-graduate studies. 

Dock and Harbour Engineering

(7th Edition)

Hasmukh P. Oza and Gautam H Oza

The book deals with all the normal port aspects in a holistic way. Topics, such as "Ship Features", "Traffic Forecasting and Hinterland", "Cargo Handling Equipment", "Construction Materials" etc. have been covered. Other cogent information viz. “Ships for LPG - LNG and Other Bulk Liquids”, “Properties of Liquids and Liquefied Gases”, “Details of Selected Ships”, “Coastal Regulation Zone” and “Port Charges” have also been included. Two case histories have been added in this Revised Edition. One is design of a waterfront structure, a Berth or a Wharf. The second “case” is of another waterfront structure, a Sea Water Intake Station. Fundamental concepts are lucidly presented and derived and empirical formulae given with clarity of underlying assumptions.

Rotary_Gokhale Rotary Drilling Blasting, Large Surface Mines B.V. Gokhale This is a unique reference volume, rotary blasthole drilling and surface blasting, as applied in large surface mines, are comprehensively covered.
Pramod_computer Computer Programs for solving Mathematical Puzzles Pramod S. Phadke The book contains 20 interesting problems solved by the author using computer programming and 6 problems without the use of computer.

 Reversal of Heart Disease Frequntly Asked Questions

B.V.Gokhale  A Book on safe and highly effective treatment of heart disease.
 Gokhale_blasthole Blasthole Drilling Technology  B.V.Gokhale  The only available book that extensively deals with all types of drilling equipment and all the methods being used by mining industry.
Gokhale_angloplasty Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery Myths B.V.Gokhale This book is written to clear many dilemmas created in the minds of the patients and enable them to have wider knowledge of the most commonly advised procedures like coronary angiography, angioplasty and bypass surgery.
 Dilip_new Introduction to Modern Thermodynamics  Dilip Kondepudi  This is the first modern approach to thermodynamics written specifically for an undergraduate course.
Atulvedic Power of Vedic Maths Atul Gupta Problem Solving Techniques for CAT, CET and other competitive examinations
Nina_software Software Quality Assurance: Principles and Practice Nina Godbole A guidance book on software quality assurance practices - for students and industry professionals
Nina_IT Information Systems Security Nina Godbole A comprehensive treatment on the subject of Information Security  assuming no prior background. Useful for those who wish to get into the details of the subject and also for those appearing for International certifications such as the CISA, CISSP etc. Detailed coverage on topics 'Data Privacy' and 'Biometric Controls'.
nina_cyber Cyber Security Nina Godbole Focuses on cyber threats and cyber security. episodes.The book provides adequate orientation on laws in reference to cyber crime and cyber security taking into account the Indian as well as global scenario. Awareness created through simple practical tips and tricks,educates readers to learn how to avoid becoming victims of cyber crime.
Subrata_1 Embedded Systems and Robots: Projects using the 8051 Microcontroller Subrata Ghoshal Eleven complete examples (including both hardware and
software) for fabricating simple robots and embedded systems at home. Available at: Cengage Learning India, Cengage Singapore
Subrata_2 8051 Microcontroller : Internals, Instructions, programming and
Subrata Ghoshal Explains all essential concepts of 8051 with plenty of
solved examples
Subrata_3 Computer Architecture and Organization: from 8085 to Core2Duo and beyond Subrata Ghoshal Written specially for Indian students this book explains
in lucid manner the fundamentals of the computer architecture and
quantum_nitin Quantum Optical State Engineering at Few-Photon Level Nitin Jain A useful guide for graduate and senior undergraduate students doing experiments in quantum optical information science. Deals with preparation, detection and measurement of several nonclassical states of light
finite_kaushal Practical Finite Element Analysis Nitin S. Gokhale The basic aim of this book is to share the knowledge & practices used in the industry with experienced & in particular beginners. so as to reduce the learning curve & avoid reinvention of the cycle.
Subrata_Processor Microprocessor Based System Design Subrata Ghoshal 20 solved design examples (hardware + software) on 8085, Z80 and 8086
dataflow_uday Data Flow Analysis: Theory and Practice Uday P. Khedker The book contains plenty of examples to illustrate the concepts of data flow analysis
 Sanjit-Book Introduction to Embedded Systems: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach Sanjit Arunkumar Seshia

This book strives to identify and introduce the durable intellectual
ideas of embedded systems as a technology and as a subject of study. The emphasis is on modeling, design, and analysis of cyber-physical systems, which integrate computing, networking, and physical

mukund_steel Limit State Design in Structural Steel Dr. Mukund Ramachandra Shiyekar The book covers the fundamental concepts of steel design in the perspective of the limit state design concept as per IS 800 : 2007, with the focus on cost-effective design of industrial structures, foot bridges, portal frames, and pre-engineered buildings
Umarji Process Equipment Design S.B. Umarji/V.V. Mahajani This book has been designed for Chemical Engineering students to introduce them to the detailed mechanical design of equipments
Cover Title Author Summary
  Get One Bye Two Dhiraj Singh

Three strangers on board an ill-fated aircraft miraculously survive a violent crash. The dynamics of God's physics will catch up with them in a year, warns a sage in the forest. 

A year later, fate strikes them once again. But can the three men defy death yet again? Are the universal laws of nature inescapable? What happens to the known and unknown people linked to their destiny? Can goodwill and powerful chemistry between people defeat God's big scheme? Only time will tell... 

Get ready for a spine-chilling ride as you follow the uncanny lives of the three men in the passage of one year. It is bound to set both your heart and mind racing! 

  Mission to Venus & Other Tales of Wonder Mahesh Paranjpe

• Find out what happens on the mission to Venus as a team of crack commandos investigate strange incidents on the newly Terraformed planet.• Travel with Murar on his amazing > journey, as the life he knows is changed forever.• Walk with Datta as he delves into a murder mystery  using common sense and logic in a tech-enhanced future.• And what of Lakshmi, Roopchand and Sopan? Join them as they uncover secrets, make startling discoveries and encounter the unexpected. Enjoy these and much more as you unleash your imagination and set the child within you free on the Mission to Venus.

  Point Ten Zeros Six Nine Dhiraj Singh

The book "Point Ten Zeros Six Nine" revolves around an IIT Mumbai graduate, Jeetu. Jeetu and Aashu are hopelessly in love with each other. And they profess to be each other’s soulmates in the next life too. As they embark on a journey of love and life together, they encounter several trying circumstances, which threaten to shake their faith in humanity. Can the power of karma and the strength of their love protect them and help them tide over their troubles? What happens to the people who betray their trust? Will karma catch up with them too? In God’s larger scheme of things, someone unfortunately must pay the price.

  Mehbub Gulley Elizabeth Kottarem 

Mehbub Gulley, written by Thanksy Thekkekara under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kottarem and published by Partridge India, is an anthology of stories about the lives of ordinary men and women in India, their existential dilemmas and the choices that they make. These stories bring home the sights and sounds of India seen in its small towns, cities and villages. What happens when poor and studious Samuel from Alleppey gets selected to the Indian Administrative Service and marries into a wealthy landowning family? Stefan, a young Austrian tourist finds himself succumbing to the enticements of Hyderabadi Biryani and a dimpled brown nymph, under the shadows of the Charminar in Hyderabad. With an element of humor in every tale, this book offers eighteen short stories which have varied themes – from arranged marriages, divorce, trauma of abused children, how domestic help is treated in India, to the emergence of moral policing. The book is available for online purchase on Amazon India, Flipkart, and the Barnes and Noble website.

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone Sandeep Kishore

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone is a book of poems. Originally written in Hindi, these poems have been translated by the author himself into English to connect with one and all. Emotions are universal and they transcend all barriers of geography or age. The book passionately captures the imagination, thoughts, dreams and life through its various phases. All of these connect with one another, even though they appear disjointed many a time. They capture multiple shades. Some of them drive the simplicity of dreams and aspirations, while others contemplate a different way of thinking. Some reflect from deep within and some look far away.

The Best of GA Kulkarni Shrikrishna D. Pandit

The book includes four of the best known stories by the legendary Marathi writer GA Kulkarni. Iskilar, generally regarded as GA’s masterpiece, packs a microcosm of scenes, lives and philosophies in the time-span of a single night. Deliverance (Mukti) too takes place over a single evening, but is shaped by events of more than one lifetime. Orpheus re-tells the well-known legend, as seen in a very different light by GA’s imagination. The Seeker (Yaatrik) is a take-off on the well loved story of Don Quixote, but reveals its characters – Don and Sancho- in a completely new light. Each of the stories takes the reader on a voyage of discovery, to a new world, new atmosphere, among different people. What one discovers though, are timeless insights about life, man and destiny.

Kites of love fly without a string Vaibhav Mhaske

'Kites of love fly without a string' is a story of a boy who falls in love with a girl and gets rejected. He then uses tips and tricks to get back her in his life. Will he get his love? It is a hilarious and heartfelt run down the memory lane which describes the uncertain, unpredictable and painful yet sweet journey of life while growing up. The book is available on Flipkart and Amazon

  The Bluest Marble Vipin Kumar Aditya is known as Ram Kumar 125 – a name given to amnesiac patients in a ‘Mental Hospital’. He doesn’t have amnesia; he just doesn’t want to go back to the world he knew before. His inmates include: UT – the brilliant former CEO, Rajesh – software engineer and Jacky – Doctor in theoretical physics. Amongst these ‘crazies’ Ram Kumar 125 discovers himself, the true Aditya, and the secret of happiness. He finds the mysterious and precious “bluest marble” he has been unconsciously looking for all his life. With portraits that both touch and disturb, corporate politics, Mumbai night life, Dalal Street, lower-middle-class Delhi and psychological “illness”, The Bluest Marble is a sensitive exploration of young urban aspirations and angst in the age of economic turmoil.
Devi - A Journey through Photo Poetry Arnapurna Rath Women are an enigma of creation. They combine the dichotomies of existence, with a desire to be liberated as well as a wish to be bound by the chains of love and admiration. Devi: A Journey through Photo-Poetry,captures in words and images these dualities that exist within women whom we meet in our everyday lives. The set of forty-five poems and pictures are designed to map the internal landscape from their birth to the twilight years of their lives. This poetic journey is a tribute to the free-spirited dreamer that lives in every woman. From tea gardens to stuffy glass chambers of office cubicles, from dreams of fairy tale lives to domestic violence, from the vivacious professional to the intimate world of the homemaker, from the innocence of a new born to the manipulator and seductress, from the urbane soul to the village girl, these poems and images empathize with struggles, pain, highs and lows of time, and celebrate the joy of freedom as the greatest achievement in a woman's life.
TheTakeover The Takeover Vivek Govilkar Explicatio Software Limited (ESL) is the rising star of the Indian IT industry. KnowlejBase Inc. (KB) is a Global Management Consulting, Technology Services and Outsourcing Company, with more than $30 billion in revenue. It decides to buy the entire stake from the original promoters of ESL. This saga unfolds through the eyes of four employees. They are about to experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions, anxiety, and agony. The life of all the ESL employees is about to change forever. They go through the painful phase of transition.
Phiroz-Cover The Third Prince Phiroz H. Madon A Novel dated back to 1603 when a peasant girl called Paru goes to Agra to become a concubine.
Saumil- Cover A Roller Coaspter Ride! Saumil Shrivastava This is tale about an IITian Guy, a lively character, who while at IIT preferred girls over hanging out with friends or seniors.
Panch_Sunita2 The Panchatantra Sunita Parasuraman The Panchatantra, was compiled in India by a learned Brahmin named Vishnusharman, more than 2,000 years ago. This a rewrite for today's busy reader.
Pradeep_Cowboy An Indian in Cowboy Country Pradeep Anand An Indian engineer discovers his personal and professional potential in the heart of Texas. An Indian in Cowboy Country is more than a fictional tale of an IIT Bombay engineer who overcomes cultural differences to succeed in America.
Maverick-Ravindra  A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life Ravindra Shukla  Three young kids, with different family backgrounds and outlook meet during their graduation days at IIT Bombay campus and become close friends. How will their relation withstand the
conflict of family and society pressure? How do their characters shape out, as they traverse from an educational environment through the corporate world to the realm of the social-political world?
Cover Title Author Summary
Knowldege Management A Forward Looking Approach to Project Management: Tools, Trends, and the Impact of Disruptive Technologies Nikhil Gurjar This book is intended as a basis for advanced treatment of concepts in project
management. In the current scenario where most questions are answered through the internet, the knowledge element in project management has come under the influence of disruptive technologies. In other words, project managers no longer get 'points' for knowing something that is easily available on the internet. This has far-reaching consequences. The present day project managers need to orient themselves to newer benchmarks of what is required for success on the business front. This book deals with a few such advanced concepts in project management. This book is not designed as an elementary primer to the field of project management, rather it is an advanced level treatment on the subject, to be read after the preliminary study has already been completed.
Knowldege Management The Knowledge Management Book: A How to Guide for Individuals, Teams & Organizations Rajiv B Deo This book is for both a knowledge seeker and a knowledge creator, who need to excel at every level in all spheres of life. For achieving the desired excellence, you may be unknowingly using available information/knowledge to carry out your daily activity. Do you want to make the best use of “information” around you? Are you interested in exploiting the “Knowledge Life Cycle” for achieving more in your life? Starting with the name “Knowledge Management” (KM) itself, there are several myths floating around the topic. This book throws floodlights on those myths and explodes them with real life examples. The book is available for online purchase on Amazon and Amazon India.
Viral_Fail Guaranteed to Fail Viral V. Acharya ‘Guaranteed to fail’ talks about public-private partnership, the role of government intervention in private financial markets.
Viral_DODD Dodd-Frank:One Year On Viral V. Acharya In June, The Pew Charitable Trusts and NYU's Stern School collected an array of prominent experts to provide an interim report of the Dodd-Frank bill's effectiveness. Vox's latest ebook presents their conclusions.
Viral_regulate Regulating Wall Street Viral V. Acharya "Regulating Wall Street" is a comprehensive view of the act, going through Dodd-Frank's finer points in great detail.
viral_repair Restoring Financial Stability Viral V. Acharya NYU Stern has put together a tremendous, comprehensive and timely guide to the ongoing financial crisis.
 MAD1  Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques  Dr. Madanmohan Rao KM Tools and Techniques offers a rich array of stories and vignettes of how companies are deploying new technologies, supporting social innovation and devising new measurement systems as a foundation for business success in the knowledge economy.
Corporate Champions: Excellent Companies of India B. Karunakar  This book examines how a few ‘Good’ Indian companies became ‘Excellent’ by withstanding the onslaught of competitive pressures and flourishing despite a fast-changing and unpredictable economic environment.
Philip Theory General Theory of Money Philip George The book is targeted at economists. But the simple measure of money that it draws up is of vital importance to every investor.
Cover Title Author Summary
  The Golden Tap

Kashyap Deorah

Ever wondered why global investors are willing to write million dollar cheques to young and inexperienced entrepreneurs? Why are companies no longer judged on their ability to make profits? How can the valuation of a startup dwarf that of its well-established counterpart? Is it a bubble? Or have the rules of the game changed? Can these hyper-funded technology driven companies become global superpowers? Or is it an unsustainable phenomenon?

The Golden Tap gives you the answers. In a remarkably honest, no holds barred account Kashyap - himself a serial entrepreneur - demystifies the technology ecosystem that exists in India today. 

Prashant_Own Making It On My Own Prashant Karhade Making It On My Own is a compilation of stories of ten real-life entrepreneurs who are into ten diverse businesses: power plant equipment manufacturing, metal fabrication, software development, printing, IIT JEE coaching, private healthcare, stone crushing, IT training, international education consulting, and construction.
MAD2 Media and Development in Asia Dr. Madanmohan Rao This book brings together some of the most outstanding and novel papers on media and development presented at the AMIC Annual Conferences in Bangkok, Thailand, in July 2004.
The Dean’s Perspective: Issues in Academic Leadership in Schools of Business Dr.Krishna Dhir The role of a business school dean is one of the most complex academic administrative positions found in higher education. B-school deans normally take on the roles and responsibilities of a chief executive officer (CEO) without the formal power found in such positions. Though the dean has limited formal position authority, the post does carry tremendous amounts of informal power and responsibilities. Furthermore, with the complexities of a position with limited formal but high informal authority, there is no other role in higher education, short of an institutional CEO, that is at crossroads of so many competing demands and tremendous opportunities. It is within this context that The Dean’s Perspective: Issues in Academic Leadership in Business Schools becomes such an important new resource for learning. Fortunately, most of the skills and knowledge needed to support a successful deanship can be learned and improved, and in that spirit, a business school dean must continuously seek to enhance his/her skills. This book shares the perspectives and insights of an impressive array of current and former deans as well as faculty members about the role of a business school dean in all its dimensions. The book is appropriate for sitting deans as well as for aspiring deans, and is an important addition to the literature on business school leadership.
MAD3 News Media and New Media Dr. Madanmohan Rao This book charts the growth of the Internet as a news medium across the Asia-Pacific region and identifies key themes in the development of online news environments in various countries of the region.
 MAD6  Asia Unplugged Dr. Madanmohan Rao This detailed and analytical handbook is a major source of reference for those with an interest in the wireless explosion in the Asia-Pacific region.
MAD4 Leading with Knowledge Dr. Madanmohan Rao This book is your Guide to the knowledge management practices of global Infotech companies. Each chapter brings KM to life as an evolving human story, filled with a cast of characters, agendas, passions, motives, and even confusion and conflict.
enttoleader From Entrepreneurs to Leaders – Building Billion Dollar Software Product Companies from India Shirish Deodhar The book describes the entire journey to building a billion dollar software product enterprise from India - from an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, to a successful business.
Cover Title Author Summary
RTI Act. Authentic Interpretation of the Statute. Shalilesh Gandhi & Pralhad Kachare

The Indian RTI Act as passed by parliament has been ranked third worldwide, but is number 66 in terms of implementation! Shalilesh Gandhi wrote this ebook to interpret the words of the law passed by Parliament.  His co-author is Mr. Pralhad Kachare who is a bureaucrat and was heading the RTI training cell at YASHADA.

A unique feature of this book is that its draft was shared with former Chief Information Commissioner Mr. Satyananda Mishra and Mr. Toby Mendel who is one of the leading international experts in transparency laws. They gave their views on the interpretations and the authors incorporated most of them. After that there were some differences in interpretations and nuances which have been mentioned in the footnotes in the book.  The authors claim that this is the most authentic interpretation of the RTI Act. The book could empower citizens and is a plea to all adjudicators to follow the words of the law.

The ebook can be downloaded from this link.  The hardcopy version will be available soon.

The Four Ls: A Memoir Dan Mayur In this entertaining and informative memoir, Dan Mayur traces a fascinating life story from his humble beginnings in rural India to his ascent into corporate leadership in America. This is a book about the struggles of a young man in the pursuit of excellence in the face of the vicissitudes of life, with all its glorious unpredictability of setbacks and victories. It is about people and places and influences and experiences. In search of real happiness beyond a high-paying corporate job, he took early retirement to pursue his interests in travel, reading, writing, and charity. He proposes that laughing, learning, and loving are necessary and sufficient for happy living, and he brings out his wealth of lessons for life in his trademark lucid language, creating vivid imagery in the reader's mind. He does this with philosophic undertones, using sensitivity, wit, and humor. Written as a road map for a successful and happy life, this book will appeal to a wide audience of teachers, students, travelers, and people with curiosity and interest in life and, above all, to all parents and children.
Bittersweet lessons of a startup guy Sudipto Majumdar We go through life accumulating experiences, and from them we learn lessons. Some lessons are happy ones we learn from our successes and others from our failures (at least that's the way it is supposed to be). An entrepreneur struggles at two levels. One is at professional level and other at a personal level. This book is not about the professional struggle at all. There is no attempt at analyzing any business techniques. This book is about the emotional struggles of an entrepreneur.
Rambles into Sacred Realms Krish V. Krishnan Rambles into Sacred Realms is the beautiful and inspiring chronicle of author and artist Krish V. Krishnan's travels around the globe as he explores and portrays places of awe-inspiring divinity through writing and artwork. Krishnan recounts his experiences at places like the stunning rocky red desert of Petra, Jordan, replete with the ruins of shrines, palaces, and tombs; the ancient and holy city of Veranasi, India, where sacred chants waft in the breeze as funeral pyres consume the dead; and the ruins of Sukhothai, Thailand, teeming with temples, monuments, shrines, and watchful statues of Buddha as far as the eye can see.This book offers a compelling invitation to the reader to vicariously enjoy and experience, through both words and images, the stunning power of some of the world's most incredible and sacred places.
The Third Curve Mansoor Khan The Third Curve is a book that is NOT directly about morality, justice, equity, environmental consciousness and other noble human values. It is about the head-on collision between:Our total acceptance of an infinite economic growth model which is not possible and our total denial of the finiteness of the earth which is evident. We need a new lens to understand this inversion of economic reality. The Third Curve provides us that lens. It identifies the root cause of the malady by reminding us of the forgotten relationships between money and energy, capital and resources, concept and reality. Only through recognizing the pitfalls of perpetual growth can we truly map a secure future for our business enterprises, ourselves, our children and the planet at large. 
The Politickle Pickle Shreyas Navare Shreyas Navare freelances as Editorial Cartoonist, Hindustan Times and is a WCFIA Fellow on international affairs at Harvard University. He holds an MBA from IIT Bombay and a bachelors in engineering (IT) from VJTI, Mumbai University. Previously, he has worked at a private bank for five years in the areas of marketing and technology. On behalf of HT, Shreyas has covered elections in six Indian states and the Presidential polls in the US. His works have been exhibited in India and abroad. Shreyas' HT cartoons and caricatures have been published by HarperCollins in a book series titled The Politickle Pickle (Vol 1 and Vol 2). 
The Inner I Tejas Suma Shyam Myriad emotions, enriching experiences and boundless ideas-life is truly a wonderful journey. Ironically, in today's mad race for survival, we sometimes forget to live. And as the precious moments float by, we remain mere spectators; perhaps feverishly praying for time to pause awhile, that we may savour the beauty of the moment. 'The Inner I' is an observational account of those ephemeral inner feelings. Each poem herein attempts to explore the gamut of emotions that flood your being from time to time. Bit by bit, 'The Inner I' poetically recreates the essence of those precious moments. Joy, sorrow, anger, anger, pain, inspiration, frustration, love, friendship, helplessness, delusion, excitement, humour....The poetry traverses a wide spectrum of themes. 
MoonStone: The Incredible One Hour Atul Gupta Performing Arts Festival (PAF) is an inter hostel competition at IIT Bombay, where a pair of hostels present an hour long skit. The paired hostels completely own the performance, right from script writing, to dramatization, sets, sound, lights, music, and publicity to attract people to come and watch the show. This story, a laughter riot, is about the PAF presented by H6 and H9 in 1991. With an amazing story line, some never before seen incredible special effects, amazing light and sound effects, great actors, musicians, and dancers, in short with an abundance of talent, Moonstone was headed for a definite victory. Did they succeed?
Madhouse Madhouse Urmila Deshpande, Bakul Desai Read about the extraordinary experiences of a batch of 1983, and in particular the residents of Hostel 4 or H4, at IIT Bombay, who are today well-known politicians, international strategists, IT czars and successful entrepreneurs..more
Bhuj-Rishi The Bhuj Story Rishi Sanwal A Book describing the aftermath of the Bhuj Earthquake.
MAD5 Many Ships One Boat Dr. Madanmohan Rao Digging beneath statistics and reports, this book explores the human and humorous side of expat life in Singapore, through the delightfully different narrative styles of 20 expatriates living in this bustling Singapore.
Prem_God God in Two Minutes Prem Kamble The Book looks at God and Religion as has never been done before. Based on completely original thoughts, it challenges some of our strongest beliefs.
mike_hope A Citizen's Manifesto Mike Rana A Citizen’s Manifesto is a condensed reflection of how ‘disciplined democracy’ is perceived by the citizens of India. The book has been acquired by the US library of Congress.
Dan_ny Mumbai to Stockholm via New York Dan Mayur In this collection of entertaining, informative and hard-hitting essays Dan Mayur presents an insightful, ground – level view of the prevailing socio-economic situation in the US, India and Sweden.
Cover Title Author Summary
A Wonderful Boss Virender Kapoor Laced with hundreds of highly impactful true stories and anecdotes about bosses, subordinates and their teams in action…this is a vibrantly life transforming book. You will meet the Good, the Bad and the Ugly under the same roof. Will alter your attitude forever…like a Gene editor. If this cannot motivate you to make a change, then probably nothing can!An absolute anti attrition glue which one can use to keep the teams together – rich, creamy and steamy all the way…. Remember, “People don't quit jobs they quit bosses” contains a unique BOSS QUOTIENT Test… try now!
Leadership - The Gandhi way Virender Kapoor In this one of a kind self help book, Virender Kapoor examines Gandhi’s philosophy in action and derives leadership lessons from his life, explaining how readers can successfully employ these in their own lives.Inspirational,accessible and instantly relatable Leadership the Gandhi Way is not only a celebration of the Mahatma’s thoughts but also an effective way to utilize them to better ourselves.
Virender_Leadership The Art of Effective Leadership Virender Kapoor This unique book on leadership has been crafted by Virender Kapoor who is a thinker, a management Guru and a best- selling author of self-help books on passion, success , worklife balance, emotional intelligence which are now available in several languages.
 virendra-1 The Rise & Rise of Jugaad  Virender Kapoor  Jugaad will redefine your move toward in life and force you to think like a self-starter.
Virender_over Heart Over Matter Virender Kapoor Power of Personal Motivation
regenerate_hemant Lead to Regenerate Hemant Karandikar Regenerative Leadership Framework
Cover Title Author Summary

The Certificate Course in Yoga.

Rajiv B Deo

Yoga as an alternative exercise regime has become very popular worldwide. But Yoga is way beyond just a form of exercise. Also, the need for understanding Yoga in an objective way has phenomenally increased. To a modern age student, traditional literature available on Yoga appears to be lacking in many ways. This book attempts to partially fill those gaps.  

The book is extremely useful for all students of Yoga. The book is available worldwide on both and

Ayurveda : Concepts and their Evolution - Curiosity-Driven Explorations – Volume I

Dr. Shantaram Kane

The book introduces the reader to the ancient story of sustained “Curiosity-Driven Explorations” approach of our ancestors and how this led to a vast treasure trove of knowledge in the form of Ayurveda and a holistic therapy for humans, animals and plants. The book provides a simple, easy to understand description of the basic concepts and special topics of Ayurveda, and ends with an appeal to continue such curiosity-driven explorations in the 21st century.

Curiosity-Driven Explorations - Volume II – From Herbal Oil Extracts to Affordable Healthcare

Dr. Shantaram Kane

This book is Volume II of a two part series on curiosity driven explorations.  This book describes my personal story of sustained curiosity-driven explorations starting from a hobby of Ayurveda and how they led to a series of breakthroughs. The book explains the simple user-friendly and extremely affordable kitchen technology, how to make these super-active extracts, the properties of a variety of extracts and their combinations, and how they can be used for preventive, curative and restorative health for Humans, Crops and in Veterinary science.

Shantaram-Diet Diet & Lifestyle Dr. Shantaram Kane This is a book is about empowering you – the reader – to effectively plan your food intake and lifestyle to keep you free from day-today health problems, help prevent the onset of chronic ailments and also to help restore health after an illness.


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