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Register for the Institute Alumni Day function and HATS Reunion on 29th December here. 
Dear hostel alumnus,
You might be under the best of comforts while reading this letter – which ironically is written on behalf of the place which was your humble residence some years ago. It was and is merely a structure with rooms and basic living facilities but you know that it is something much more than that. It is the place where you probably spent the most happening years of your life. It is the place which you were a part of and now it is a part of you. It is a place which slept with you, ate with you, hung out with you, laughed with you, cried with you, breathed with you, lived with you. And now it misses you! And that is why it is calling you back! Drop in anytime; let us know; we would love to see you!
Now that the sentimental part is over, I would love to draw your attention to how the people of Penthouse are proving themselves in various fields and genres. We cracked 3rd position in Logic GC on the tech front. We were placed 3rd in the Coding GC. Our sportsmen did a great job and we are currently 5th in overall standings. This year too we have had a great start in sports – we were 3rd in the  Crossy GC and 4th in Sophie Crossy GC. We were 3rd in both, Kho Kho and Squash GC. We were 2nd in Cricket GC,Sophie Hockey GC,Tennis GC and 4th in Weightlifting GC. We bagged a gold medal in 100m butterfly Swimming GC.We have had a great share of individual best positions in couple of Cult events and at the receiving end of others’ envy. It goes without saying that we are trying to ace this field. We were first in the Hindi Lit GC and Gyration GC.We stood 2nd in the English Creative Writing GC and 4th in the Main Dramatics GC .We bagged 4th position in Goonj(Music GC).This year, we have macahu sophomores in cult as well – we rocked in sophie dance league–numbing even the anti cheering mob–even they were forced to applaud for our performance. Sophies helped us secure the 3rd position in the Sophie Film GC.

With overwhelming support of hostel inmates,we have successfully got the rooms painted,installed additional tubelights in rooms and succesfully installed the Solar geysers that can save electricity.
And, as far as our mess is concerned, well, it still is the best in the insti.
Recently we have had the pleasure of being with some of you. The Student’s Alumni Meet was on 5th and 6th of October 2013. They had gracious smiles on their faces even as they parted which were a result of the nostalgia. It would be great to have more of our alumni at the hostel again in the upcoming Alumni Day and Reunions.
The memories of last year’s reunions can be cherished through this link - a glimpse of current happenings - moments.
In the end, no matter how much ever we brag and boast, we are nothing without you! Your association, your mentorship, your help has been one of our biggest assets and we hope our bonding remains as strong as it is today. We are working to improve our alumni database and we would love to keep ourselves updated about you and your activities. We would be glad if you could help us increase our contact base, find us some lost contacts of alumni, mentor our senior students, join our core team or support us financially. And if there’s anything in our capacity that we could do for you – please trouble us! If you’re planning to visit your humble dwelling anytime in the future, please inform us! After all we do miss you!
Register here if you are interested in becoming a Hostel HATS Champ.
In case you would like to be a part of this effort, please contact
Hostel G-Secretary                                                                   Hostel Alumni Secretary
Hardik Agrawal                                                                          Gourav Soni                                                   
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