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In Service of Woodlands


Registrations for the annual Institute Alumni Reunion is up and roaring: it is very easy and takes one minute at here

Dear alumnus,  

You might be busy with your lives at present but some part of you  still misses those joyful moments when you sat with your friends in hostel 8 canteen sharing gossips and laughter, when you played in footer field during WOOFLE, when you cheered for India during cricket matches in the TV room, when you celebrated the festivals here at hostel 8 along with your second family and when you won the GC’s for hostel. This hostel is not just a building with residents but a collection of memories of passing out students over the years.Hostel 8-WOODLANDS takes great pleasure in welcoming all the ‘AATHWASIS’ that are a part of it. We are sure the memory of it still brings a smile to your face. Explore this website to relive your hostel days and catch a glimpse of how, despite everything, time has stood still in Hostel 8. 

H8 had 3 reunions this year, the Decennial, the Silver Jubilee, and the Golden Jubilee reunions. The alumni arrived in the morning, and were warmly welcomed by SARC with batch pics, and other programs. While the alumni were enjoying the orientation, extensive arrangements had been done for their wife and kids. After this, the families of the alumni are taken on a Tum-Tum tour of the institute. This was followed by lunch in Gulmohar.

The alumni, along with their families, were taken to a department tour, followed by hostel visit. During this hostel visit, the hostel alumni secretary, Anup Kumar, along with other council members, acquainted them with the performance of the hostel in various GCs. They also took some time out to have a look at their rooms, noticing the changes the hostel has experienced in the past years. They all then sat together in the mess with the council members to discuss steps that should be taken for improving the hostel and the role of the alumni in these steps.

During the Decennial reunion, the alumni agreed to a cricket match of hostelites vs alumni. It was a very enthusiastic and a fun-to-watch event.

In the Silver Jubilee reunion, the alumni awarded money to the mess workers, as a token of appreciation.

H8 is looking forward to such reunions every year, and hopes that the reunions this year were entertaining and successful.


The Laundromat extension project which was started to remove the clothes line and installing rods for hanging clothes in order to make the corridors aesthetically sound is finally complete.The Total cost of this project is around 96000 Rs. The clothing lines have been removed from the wings and rods have been put up.

This is a brief account of hostel 8 achievements last year

Hostel 8 was involved throughout the semester in Tech activities and with the help of enthusiastic seniors, tech co and tech secy we scored great points through out the year in tech G.C’s which led us to an overall 1st position in Tech G.C. We stood 1st in Hindi creative writing G.C, 1st in 3-D modelling G.C, secured overall 1st position in Photography and Fine Arts. We came 3rd in Tug of War G.C, 3rd in Water Polo G.C and 3rd in Tennis G.C.

Apart from these the rising cricket enthu is seen in hostel 8. Throughout the year there was a large group of people everyday in the evening to play cricket and there was active participation of the hostel in it.

Any ideas, comments, suggestions for the day of hostel reunion are welcome and needed.


To be a part of HATS Hostel Champs register  here.  

Please also add your name to our DATABASE. Or just contact us in case you are getting nostalgic, and you want to find out more about the hostel or the campus. 


Shiva Kumar Nidanampally                                                Amit Bhadoriya

G.Sec. Hostel 8                                                   Alumni Secy, Hostel 8                        

9920556933                                                        8879426324


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