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Alumni Initiatives

Contact office [at] for more information ...

FAN (Faculty Alumni Network): FAN aims to connect IIT Bombay alumni, academics and researchers to further IIT Bombay's Tryst with Excellence ... more. Contact fan_team [at] for more information of you are interested in connecting with FAN members or helping out ... more

ICAN (Industry Corporate Alumni Network): ICAN is a network and community of IIT Bombay alumni in industry and corporate positions who are working with IIT Bombay on projects and initiatives of mutual interest ... more.

Help your Hostel ... HATS (Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship): HATS is an initiative to "give back" to our hostels by improving hostel facilities and providing assistance to hostel staff and mess workers. HATS aims to build on the success of the Hostel 7 campaign - "In Service of the Lady" which was launched in 2006 ... more

Young Faculty Award (YFA) Program: The goal of YFA is to help IIT Bombay attract and nurture development of top-notch young faculty to IIT Bombay and thus the potential for IIT Bombay’s role in continued global technological leadership. The YFA program awards a grant Rs. 1 lakh per year for up to 3 years to recruited faculty members ... more.

Yellow Pages: The Yellow Pages initiative for alumni of IIT Bombay is a facility to help our alums promote their products or services to potential clients. The Yellow Pages facility allows you to post your own product or service, and search for those being offered by fellow IIT Bombay alumni. Contact yp_team [at] if you have questions.

IITBAA Benevolent Fund: The IITBAA Benevolent Fund has been set up to provide financial assistance to tide over emergencies such as unexpected crisis or major downturns causing undue hardships in their lives. The Fund aims to help persons associated with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, at present or in the past, and their families ... more.

IIT Bombay NGOs: IIT Bombay alumni are actively involved in a wide range of non-profit activities out of a sense of civic duty and because they want to "give back" to society. Note that these activities are volunteer efforts outside the control of IITBHF and IITBAA. As such , these two organizations do not endorse and are not responsible or liable for the activities of these organizations ... more

Alumni Appeals: IITBHF and IITBAA have launched an initiative to help alumni and their immediate families in need of assistance for reasons such as a medical situation, a natural disaster or economic distress. Visit the Alumni Appeals website to learn more. You can contact appeals @ to post items on this website and/or to help with a donation or other means for any appeal made on this website.

Alumni Obituaries: Obituaries for alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, will be published on this website in honor of our departed friends and classmates. Obituaries customarily include the following: (1) date and place of death; (2) a brief summary of career; (3) interests, passions, hobbies, publications, honors and other distinctions the alum would have liked to see mentioned; (4) the names of surviving family members. Please write to obituaries @ with the above information and include a photo if you wish. Kindly note that the information you provide will be used as a basis for the obituary, but not reprinted verbatim.

Financial Aid Program (FAP): The Loan Scholarship Program or the Financial Aid Program (FAP), initiated by the Class of 1981, provides soft loans at minimal interest rates to needy students. The motto of FAP is “To make IIT Education Financially Achievable”. The FAP scholarship is essentially a loan given by past students to the present students, who will repay it back with interest and generous donations for the benefit of future students so as to keep the endowment perpetual and growing.

Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP): This program initiated by the Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC), IIT Bombay, aims at enhancing alumni network within the institution and betterment of student interaction with the veteran alumni. Among our primary goals, one is to provide students with career guidance and help them make decisions in their future endeavors, which initiated the idea of Student-Alumni Mentorship.

Helping Hand: This is an initiative of IITBAA to help alumni in need for reasons ranging from a medical emergency to sudden job loss or other such unexpected calamity ... more.

Book Corner: The IIT Bombay "book corner" is your place to check out books by IITB alumni. We are trying to list all books by our alumni. If we miss out on a book by an IITB alumnus/a, please do drop us a mail at webcontent [at]

Alumni Archive:The class of 1967 who held a reunion celebrating 50 years of joining the Institute on 3rd-5th January 2012 has announced the creation of an Alumni Archives to be built and maintained by IITBAA...more

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