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Mentors required for Eureka! 2015


Eureka! is the annual B-plan competition of the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay. With over 7900 entries, 3 rounds of judging and intensive mentoring, along with INR 45 lakh worth of prize money, it is currently Asia's largest B-Plan competition (certified by Thomson-Reuters). The competition has three tracks- Business Track, The Social Track and the IIT Bombay Track. We have long standing networks with esteemed angel networks and venture capitalist firms like Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, Nexus VP, Sequoia, Villgro, Ankur Capital

In the past, we have produced many successful startups like Zostel, Theranova, Social Cops, Hacker Earth, Beta Glide and many more. 

More information about Eureka could be found at

The competition is spanned over a time of 4 month consisting of 3 round , the prelims, the semi finals and the finals. 80 semifinalists are selected from the 7900 entries and these teams are provided one month long online technical and business mentoring in the month of November.

The online mentoring is generally done over skype, mails and over telephone and it requires a commitment of 4-5 Hours in span of one month.

 We would be honored if you could mentor these young startups and join us as a mentor for Eureka!.

To register as a mentor for Eureka, go to: 

For any other queries regarding Eureka!, mail at:


Update on the I-ASCEND initiative

Last year, I-ASCEND, the alumni entrepreneurship forum formed by IITBAA and SINE, had a vigorous start. The inaugural even in April 2014 was very well attended and subsequent feedback ion actual results for startups were also very positive. Based on continuing interest and support from alumni, we are glad to be back after a rather embarrassing slow down from our side. 

The startup ecosystem has meanwhile grown rapidly in the country and IITB mainly startups have also increased. Many startups and other alumni have mentioned this program and need to give it a restart. 

1. Startup and Mentor database: 

I-ASCEND offers a database of startups and mentors/service-providers. We are now making it open, after removing email/phone details. We are keeping this control to avoid possible spam, at least in initial stages. The links are as under:

Startups database

Mentors / Service Providers database

You can view above databases and request contact with any startup or mentor / investor in the list. We will help to connect by sending your request to the other party.

We would also like to invite more startups and mentors/service-providers to register in the database. The following are links to the respective forms:

Form for Startups

Form for Mentor/Service-Providers/Investors

For startups, registration will help you get in touch with mentors, investors and other ecosystem players.  For mentors, investors and other service providers, registering will enable you access to new cutting edge startups as well as connect and collaborate with other ecosystem partners.


2. Global Business Forum (GBF)

IITBAA - Global Business Forum (GBF), slated on 16th to 18th October, 2015, will provide startups an unparalleled opportunity to seek key customers, investors and other partners. There will be pitching sessions under each f the 8 SIG domains and opportunity for one-to-one meetings with mentors, investors and key-customers.

I-ASCEND  looks forward to suggestions and also welcome those who can volunteer for I-ASCEND programs, including managing database and connections, helping our startups to find mentors and other partners, organizing I-ASCEND  meets at IITB and chapters, establish linkages with other startup eco-system players. It also includes coordinating I-ASCEND activities at GBF. 



I-ASCEND is a joint initiative of IITBAA and SINE, to strengthen the entrepreneurship efforts by SINE, ECELL and IITB, by building strong alumni linkages using the IITBAA/HF network and bring support from alumni to the IITB entrepreneur communities.

I-ASCEND at the IITBAA Global Business Forum 

16th to 19th October, at Goa.

Pitching and one-on-one meetings under each of the eight Special Interest Groups (domains): Healthcare, energy, Education & Skilling, Infrastructure, Environment, Smart Cities, ICT and Make-in-India. 

To participate, watch out for the registration announcement from IITBAA soon.

Database of Startups and Mentors/ Investors / Service-providers:

StartUps: Form to register a Startup on IASCEND: please click here

Mentors / Investors / Service-providers: Form to register your interest as mentor, investor or value added service provider to the start-ups: please click here

We have now opened above databases, sans the contact information (to prevent spams).

To view the startup database, click here.

To view the Mentor / Investor / Service-provider database, click here.

If you wish to contact any person/company in the database, write to, and we will connect you.

SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and ECELL  (Student Entrepreneurship Cell at IITB) have done excellent work in spawning entrepreneurship at IITB. We see increasing interest among alumni, particularly the younger ones, for startups. These initiatives can grow much faster if we utilize the IITBAA power of networking with our highly accomplished and diverse alumni across the world. 

I-ASCEND will work to increase the number as well as success of entrepreneurial initiatives by IITB Students, Faculty and Alumni through:

  • Multiplying collaboration opportunities among Students, Faculty and Alumni venture efforts
  • Provide strong communication channel – among the stakeholders as well as to external business and media communities
  • Help SINE to support incubation of ventures at multiple locations with support from IITBAA chapters
  • Utilize IITBAA/HF global network to support ventures with multi-location / multi-country support needs.

I-ASCEND Committee has representatives from Alumni, SINE and students and has people from diverse background in ventures/ funding/ technology/ Industry and also across age groups.

Major activities planned:

  • Events and Conferences, focused small group workshops for specific functional or domain areas, Chapter-wise Entrepreneurship Meets

  • Communications using the existing channels of IITBAA to reach out to alumni keep them informed about various entrepreneurship initiatives and to bring to them exciting opportunities to be a part of this, in area of interest of the alumni, be it in mentoring, funding, partnering, functional support or consulting, or other services.

  • PR and relationship building to reach out to the larger Entrepreneurship and Corporate ecosystem in India, to establish mutually beneficial relationship which enable entrepreneurs from the IITB community to get support and business opportunities.

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-founder once said: No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”

So we call upon alumni to be associated with IASCEND and bring the largest and best possible team power of our vast and accomplished IITBAA Alumni network to provide support  for the larger IITB Student, Faculty and Alumni entrepreneur community.

If you are want to be part of it as a start-up, Please click here, and fill up a simple form.

If you wish to help this movement by being a mentor, investor or provide some valuable services to start-ups with your experience, please click here, and fill up the form.

We have received excellent response so far, with over 120 ventures and over 220 mentors / investors / partners registering. Some highlights from those currently registered:

Education related ventures were largest domain, with 10 ventures registered. Other major domains were Software (7), Financial (6), Energy (4) and Aerospace (2). It is also heartwarming to see ventures in areas like music and R&D.
We are sure that there are still many more out there who have ventures which can benefit from I-ASCEND and many other alumni who can share their valuable experience and expertise to provide mentoring or other business services, which can make the difference and ensure success for ventures promoted by IITB community.
If you want further information, or help in any way with this initiative, do write to or


-        Paresh Vora, Director, IITBAA and Coordinator for the I-ASCEND


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