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A sincere appeal in the spirit of engineering



Please donate here

Note: Do not forget to mention “Project Velocity” & “IIT Bombay Racing“ at the back of your cheque & write to iitbaa[at] (for INR donations) or to write to iitbhf[at] (for USD donations)

The IIT Bombay Racing team ( is a group of 60 students spanning across different departments united by their passion for hands-on engineering and racing. With the numerous criticisms that IITs have been facing off late in the media for poor quality of students and attrition of students to ‘non-core’ professions, groups like IITB Racing is exactly what the institutes need more of.

In India, there is an evident chasm between what academia has to offer and what technology and industry demands. This gap majorly deters students from pursuing engineering in the spirit it is supposed to. However, we feel crippled for not having gained adequate financial support from the industry at the right time. As against the European teams who gain tremendous support from the industries there. As a matter of fact, we are no less than our European friends. However the scenario seems distorted at the global scale. IIT Bombay Racing is here to change this outlook & prove Indian capabilities.

This year as a part of Project Velocity, IITB Racing aims to participate in the Formula Student UK 2012 ( event with an ‘all-electric” powertrain. With a vision of sustainable development, this will be a first-ever attempt at building an electric Formula Racing car by students in India.

Working on an extremely strict timeline, we are currently finding ourselves pressed for funds and thus request our respected alumni to extend a helping hand to reinforce this cause – a green one at that !

How Can you help us??

The overall budget for the successful completion of the project amounts to INR 22 lakhs (45,000 USD) and the team has so far raised a total of INR 10 lakhs (20,000 USD) with the help of Dean R&D, past industrial collaboration & prize money earned by IIT Bombay Racing in previous competitions.

If we fail to leverage the remaining by the end of March, Project Velocity would see a forced shutdown & along with it the 6 long months of hard work by 60 odd team members would indeed go wasted.

We would be honestly grateful to you for any amount you can support us with. IIT Bombay Racing would warm heartedly welcome you to be a part of our family – a family with a racing DNA & an never-say-lose attitude. In return we promise to bring back winning Indian flag from UK & thus establish brand IIT Bombay amongst the likes of competing universities of Stuttgart & Purdue.

The budget can be made available to you personally upon request ( please drop a mail to clearly stating your identity ) 

For any query please contact - 

Pratik Chinchole

+91 9930959903

Prateek Sharma

+91 9757051597


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