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Beneficiary List

Beneficiaries of IITBAA Benevolent Fund



  • An amount of Rs. 2.4 lakhs was donated via Benevolent Fund to an alumnus’ family following his untimely demise. Out of the Rs 2.4 lakhs, Rs. 2.14 lakhs was raised by the alumnus’ batchmates and IITBAA added Rs. 25,900 to make it Rs. 2.40 lakhs. This money will be used to support the education expenses of the alumnus’ daughter.
  • The Benevolent Fund Committee sanctioned Rs. 50000 each to three mess workers.
  • A 2nd year Ph.D. received Rs 21000 to support his hospitalisation expenses.
  • A Hostel Hall Manager received Rs. 20,000/month to support the dialysis costs of his ailing wife.
  • The parent of an IITBAA staff was suffering from renal failure. His medical bills were in the region of Rs 3 lakhs. IIT was expected to cover 80% of the medical expenses but the family was having difficulty in cobbling up the difference. The Benevolent Fund committee sanctioned Rs. 50,000.
  • A retired security employee’s daughter was undergoing dialysis. The Board approved of Rs. 50,000 from the Benevolent Fund.
  • The spouse of an IIT Bombay employee was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The Board released Rs. 50,000 directly to the hospital for her treatment.
  • The 60-year old mother of a daily wage earner (employed with Main Building) was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer (Stage III) and was being treated at the Tata Memorial Hospital. The Board released Rs 1 lakh to support multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy which were beyond the financial means of the family. 
  • A 72 year old retired foreman, who has served IIT for 37 years underwent a major and an expensive operation for a tumour removal. Post opertion medication bill is expensive and cannot be paid from his pension. Benevolent Fund Committee has sanctioned Rs. 25,000 to him in May 2011 to meet with a part of these recurring expenses.
  • A 67 year old retired mess worker from H1 underwent an expensive operation in his native place in Kerala. Committee has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 50,000 (current cap value) in May 2011 to meet with a major part of these expenses.
  • An IIT Bombay student,  needed 1 lakh for an emergency operation for his father, who had  a major heart attack. IITBAA released an amount of Rs. 50,000/- for the same.
  • An IIT Bombay employee's (with 35 years of service) wife suffering from kidney failure, had to be operated thrice. Also his son fell down from height and sustained head injury. IITBAA released Rs.50,000/- for medical assistance.
  • A contract employee's father was retired IIT staff, retired in June 2009. In August 2009 he was hospitalized in a critical condition. Since he was retired IIT could not help him to a great extend, IITBAA released an amount of Rs. 25,000 towards his medical help.
  • An IIT Bombay  student was paralysed. His father was working as teacher and was not able to fund the entire expenses. Rs. 25,000.00 was released by IITBAA.
  • A student, belonging to a BPL family so far had 3 brain surgeries . IITBAA through benevolent fund has released Rs. 25,000.00.
  • A Ph.D. IIT Bombay student was very serious and had to be operated for appendicitis. The bill had crossed Rs. 4.5 lakhs, IITBAA released Rs. 25,000.00.
  • An IIT Bombay student's father had a major accident and was suffering from Brain hemorrhage. IITBAA released Rs. 25,000.00
  • An Alumnus  met with accident and was undergoing treatment since a long time. He also lost his job and needed financial assistance,  IITBAA released Rs. 35,000.00.
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