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Retired Faculty Welllness Fund (RFWF)

Description of one of the 3 initiatives of the batch of 84

Retired Faculty Wellness Fund

C84  chose 3 initiatives for the Legacy Project:

  • Past : We want to say "thank you" and recognize those who have made a big difference in our lives.
  • Present : We want to enhance and improve the quality of life on the IIT campus, by serving the environment in a meaningful way.
  • Future : We want to contribute towards one or more factors that improve the attractiveness of the institute to students and/or faculty.


The Retired Faculty Wellness Fund (RFWF) comes under the first category. 

Genesis: It is NOT well known that ever though IITB is a govt. organization, regular medical coverage is NOT available on the lines of the medical coverage  available to other government employees.  In 2004, a post-retirement medical programme was (thankfully) started for staff and faculty who retire.  Unfortunately, for various technical, medico-legal and other issues, the programme could not cover those employees who had retired before 2004.  

C84 generously provided a corpus  to provide medical coverage to such faculty and their spouse.

Implementation:  The post-reunion implementation team  along with the adminstration and IITBAA assiduously (a) Culled out a list of about 200 people who could qualify (b) negotiated hard with ICICI Lombard to provide medical coverage.  This was very difficult because nobody wanted to touch people who were 70+ to provide medical insurance!  In the end the programme kicked off about 6 months post reunion and completed a successfull year in 2011 with the insurance company agreeing to a renewal of the policy. 


The implementation team consisted of IITBAA, IITB office of the Dean of Alumni and Corporate Affairs,  Prof. Dipan Ghosh, KK Iyer, Sharat, and Mahesh Patil.

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