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DAA and YAA Awards


 The Distinguished Alumnus Awards (DAA) and Young Alumni Achiever Awards (YAAA) 2016 awards were presented by the Director on 10th March 2016 during Institute Foundation Day function.

The following Alumni received the Distinguished Alumnus Awards 2016:

Dr. Cyrus Mehta, B.Tech. Civil Engineering - 1967

Dr. Krishna Chivukala, B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering - 1968

Mr. Mohan Kavrie, B.Tech. Civil Engineering - 1971

Dr. Hemant Kanakia, B.Tech. Electrical Engineering - 1976

Prof. Shantikumar V. Nair, B.Tech. Metallurgical Engineering - 1976

Prof. Madan Rao, MSc Physics - 1982

Dr. Girish Deodhare, B.Tech Electrical Engineering - 1984 & M.Tech. Electrical Engineering - 1986

Prof. Rangarajan Pitchumani, B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering - 1986

Prof. Moses Charikar, B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering - 1995

The following Alumni received the Young Alumni Achiever Awards (YAAA) 2016:
Dr. Dhananjay Gore, B.Tech. Electrical Engineering 1998
Dr Nisheeth Vishnoi, B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering 1999
 IIT Bombay is proud to inform you that the Institute recognised 19 alumni  by bestowing them with Distinguished Alumnus Awards (DAA) and Young Alumni Achiever Awards (YAAA) 2015. Click here for the brochure.

Distinguished Alumnus Awardees:

1.   Prof. Srinivasan Raghunathan          - M.Tech ’66 & PhD ’70 ME
2.   Mr. Ajit Rangnekar                    - B.Tech ’68 ChE
3.   Prof. R V Hosur                       - MSc’ 73 Chemistry
4.   Dr. Vijaya Korwar (Gallagher)         - B.Tech ’76 EE
5.   Prof. Gautam Barua                    - B.Tech ’76 & M.Tech ’78 EE
6.   Prof. George Varghese                 - B.Tech ’81 EE
7.   Prof. Ketan Mulmuley                  - B.Tech ’81 EE
8.   Prof. S Ramakrishnan                  - MSc ’82 Chemistry
9.   Mr. Harish Badami                     - B.Tech ’85 ChE
10.  Prof. Srikant Sastry                  - MSc ’86 Phys
11.  Lt. Gen. Dr. RS Panwar                - M.Tech ’88 & Ph.D ’92 CSE
12   Dr. Dharmendra Modha                  - B.Tech ’90 CSE
13.  Prof. Subhash Khot                    - B.Tech ’99 CSE

Young Alumni Achiever Awardees:

1.   Mr. Gagan Bhalla                      - B.Tech ’96 Civil
2.   Mr. Urshit Parikh                     - B.Tech ’98 CSE
3.   Prof. Devavrat Shah                   - B.Tech ’99 CSE
4.   Mr. Vishal Gupta                      - B.Tech ’00 EE
5.   Prof. Sachin Katti                    - B.Tech ’03 EE
6.   Mr. Zishan Hayath                     - Dual Degree ’05 Civil

The awards were presented by the Director on 10th March 2015 during
Institute Foundation Day function.
IITB celebrated it's 55th Foundation Day on Monday, 10th March 2014. The list of alumni who received the Distinguished Alumnus Awards is as follows. Please click on the names to read their profiles.

1. Dr. Ing. Anil Anwikar - B.Tech. '64 Civ E

2. Mr. Deepak Vaidya - B.Tech. '70 ChE

3. Mr. Suresh Shenoy - B.Tech. '72 MetE

4. Dr. Shyam Dighe B.Tech. ‘74 ChE

5. Mr. Toos Daruvala B.Tech. '77 EE

6. Mr. Veerappa Baligar - B.Tech. ‘78 CivE

7. Mr. Ram Kelkar B.Tech. '80 EE

8. Dr. Kasim Mookhtiar MSC. '80 Chem

9. Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan B.Tech. '89 ME

10. Dr. Rajesh Gokhale MSC. ’90 BioTech



The following alumni were felicitated with the Young Alumni Achiever Awards.Click here for the brochure


    1. Dr. Sundar Iyer - B.Tech. '98 CSE


    2. Dr. Mayank Bawa » B.Tech. '99 CSE

    3.  Dr. Rohit Karnik B.Tech. '02 ME

    4. Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal - B.Tech. '08 CSE 



Distinguished Alumnus Awards (DAA) &
Young Alumni Achiever Awards (YAA)

DAA 2013

Dr Nagesh Palepu - M.Sc '72 Chem
Mr Satyajit Mayor - M.Sc '85 Chem
Mr Satyendra Pakhale - M.Des ' IDC
Mr Shantanu Khosla - B.Tech '81 ME
Mr Ashok Kamath - M.Sc '81 Maths
Ms Neera Adarkar - DIIT '74 IDC
Mr Amarnath Bhide - B.Tech '77 ChE
Dr Jayant Sabnis - B.Tech ' 75 ME
Mr Daniel Dias - B.Tech ' 76 EE

YAA 2013:

Dr Manoj Aggarwal - B.Tech ' 95 EE
Dr Ashwin Seshia - B.Tech '96 Engg Phy
Dr Bala Bhaskar Prabhakar Pandian - M.Sc '97 BioTech


IIT Bombay is recognized as one of the centers of academic excellence. The students graduating from the institute are of the highest caliber, who have reached positions of eminence in industry, business, public sector, academic and research institutions or as entrepreneurs. The institute had long felt the need to recognize the Alumnus of IIT Bombay who have distinguished themselves in their field of work and done the institute proud. With this intention the distinguished Alumnus awards have been instituted.

DA AwardThe first Distinguished Alumnus Awards were presented on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Institute in 1983. In 1996 the awards were made an annual feature and have been bestowed on a few distinguished Alumnus every year since then. The award is to be given on 11th March, the Foundation Day of IIT Bombay. The awardees receive a scroll containing a citation and a memento. The memento is a spiral-asymptote sculpture in gold plated brass designed by Prof. Sudhakar Nadkarni, IDC, IIT Bombay. It symbolizes diligence and perseverance without which there can be no enduring feats of success.


Visit for more about current and past winners of the DAA.

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